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Welcome to the Mid-Hudson Climate Smart Communities newsletter that connects local governments to new resources, climate protection news and events in the region. Additional climate and energy resources are available on the Mid-Hudson CSC website

NY-Sun Initiative

New York State has made significant progress in solar market transformation since the launch of the NY-Sun Initiative program in 2012. An estimated 271 MW of solar energy has been installed statewide, positioning New York in the top 10 state leaders of solar energy. With many solar resources available, this month’s newsletter is dedicated to resources Climate Smart Communities can use to take action under Pledge Element 4: Increase Community Use of Renewable Energy. 

This short video demonstrates issues with solar permitting processes and how local governments can take action. 

Click here to watch a short video.

Simplifying Solar Permitting

Project Permit has created a website with best practices in residential solar permitting. Click on the example scorecard below to download your local government's Solar Permitting Scorecard. This will help you to compare how your local processes with best practices and show you how to improve your scorecard in less than 10 steps. 

Find Your Solar Permitting Scorecard

Additional Solar Resources 

Download the Model Inspection Checklist

Providing a simple checklist of required information for permitting applications and inspections saves time and money by increasing consistency and transparency across processes. The Interstate Renewable Energy Council has developed a number of resources including permitting tips, a model inspection checklist, and explanations of best practices. Visit the website to gain access to valuable resources under Publications: Permitting/Inspection.

View the NY-Sun Network

The PV Trainers Network was developed under the NY-Sun Initiative to increase access to education, training, and technical assistance for local governments and stakeholders. Funded by NYSERDA, Meister Consultants Group has partnered with Entech Engineering, the City University of New York (CUNY)  and Pace University to identify opportunities, remove barriers and create programs to drive solar development in New York State. Learn more at the NY-Sun Webinar: Sept. 26 from 11 am to 12 pm.

Download the NYS Unified Solar Permit

NYS Unified Solar Permit

The New York State Unified Solar Permit is available for local governments to adopt to remove some of the regulatory barriers to solar installations. Adopting the permit will reduce paperwork and expedite processes for permitting small residential or commercial solar projects. The permit is modeled on Solar America Board of Codes and Standards (Solar ABCs) and has proven to be an effective way to reduce costs and save time and resources

Get Solar PV Now

NY-Sun Solar PV Financing

New York State Energy and Research Development Authority (NYSERDA) provides cash incentives for residential solar systems of up to 25 kW and non-residential solar systems of up to 200 kW. NYSERDA also offers 3 types of low-rate financing options for solar photovoltaic (PV) installations. Local governments can get a free cost estimate through NYSERDA's online Solar (PV) Clean Power Estimator. Visit the website for more information.


Mid-Hudson Region's Expected Annual Solar Production (kWh by Sector & County)

View or download the bar graph from our website.
View or download the bar graph from our website.

NYSERDA created a public database on Open NY that identifies and maps all solar projects completed through NYSERDA’s Solar PV Incentive program, which applies to residential PV systems of up to 25 kW and non-residential PV systems of up to 200 kW. Access to solar project data will help companies and prospective customers estimate costs, assess incentives and target areas for growth. This user-friendly website allows data to be exported, mapped by location, filtered by system size and can be embedded on websites. Climate Smart Communities can take action under Pledge Element 4: Increase Community Use of Renewable Energy by using this resource to identify solar growth potential in local communities and promote solar resources available.


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DISCLAIMER:  All information presented in the Mid-Hudson Climate Smart Communities newsletter and on the website is part of the statewide Climate Smart Communities (CSC) Program. The Mid-Hudson Climate Smart Communities Region is comprised of CSCs located in Dutchess, Orange, Putnam, Rockland, Sullivan, Ulster and Westchester Counties. For further information on the CSC, please contact the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, Office of Climate Change: or visit the NYS DEC CSC Program website for more information.