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Oceanside News and Events
Find the latest news from the Oceanside Division and complementary organizations in this issue of News and Events.


  1. Executive Director Report to Members
  2. Central Island Division Code of Conduct - Harassment Policy
  3. PMH, Shared Care, Maternity Care Update
  4. PCN Update
  5. Increased Physician Recruitment
  6. President’s Letter: PPE and COVID-19 planning
  7. Temporary Fee Code Change for Immunizations- October 1, 2020
  8. Flu immunization
  9. Redeployment opportunities during COVID-19
  10. Management of Opioid Agonist Therapy Oceanside Health Centre
  11. Zoom Into Pathways Virtual Care Webinar
  12. President's Letter: New Contract Options for BC Physicians
  13. Provincial Election Primary Care Report Card
  14. Joint Collaborative Committees
  15. My Virtual Visits
  16. 2020-21 Influenza Immunization Update
  17. PNL No. 320 - Seasonal Influenza Immunization Campaign 2020 - 2021
  18. Primary Care Forums: Providing MAiD Virtual Workshop
  19. BC Family Doctors about "Learning from COVID"
  20. UBC - Invitation for Study Participation
  21. Therapeutics Initiative Methods Speakers Series REGISTRATION OPEN
  22. TI Methods Speaker Series Wednesday, October 28th
  23. Oceanside Hospice Society
  24. Divisions in the News

Executive Director Report to Members

Projects Through the Division
This summer several proposals were submitted to a variety of agencies. All were accepted and are now starting. Tina Biello will take the lead on these projects and in some cases has started the outreach component for each opportunity. Projects currently running at Divisions are:

Shared Care for Psychiatry Network

  • Nurse in Practice
  • Maternity network in Port Alberni
  • PMH funding through Innovation fund: 
    This project will allow the Division to continue to support the Palliative Care and MOA network meetings that are adding so much value to our members. Sharon Todd will be leading these two networks going forward.

As well, there is an opportunity to develop virtual team-based care processes that will slot nicely into the Primary Care Network work. If you have any question about these projects do not hesitate to contact me.

Expression of Interest - Port Alberni

At the October 13 meeting of the Central Island Collaborative Services Committee, the Port Alberni EOI was unanimously supported. The EOI has been submitted to the Ministry of Health for funding.  Acceptance of this EOI will allow the CSC to create a Service Plan for a Primary Care Network in Port Alberni. It is anticipated that it will take a few months to receive a response from the Ministry of Health

COVID Response

Ministry of Health Directive
The Divisions received a directive from Ted Patterson about COVID response in Central Island up until March 31, 2021. That directive is multi-pronged and suggests that the Collaborative Services Committee and Primary Care Network Steering groups take on creation of a comprehensive COVID response plan as soon as possible. An update will be offered to the members in late October.

Primary Care Network
By now members have seen the announcement of the new Nurse Practitioner-led Patient Medical Home in Qualicum Beach. This is the first big step in delivering the Primary Care Network project in Oceanside. Significant work, over a three-year period has led to this big step and the Board and staff are proud of the progress we have made. The details of that project are outlined in Shonda Holt’s report in this newsletter.

If you have any questions or comments about the Division or this report, do not hesitate to contact me at 250-703-6159 or

Evelyn Clark
Executive Director

Central Island Division Code of Conduct - Harassment Policy

Dear Members,

One of the jobs of your Board of Directors is to ensure that policy is reviewed and updated on a regular basis to keep in sync with changing times and accountabilities. At the October 21 Board meeting, the Board of Directors agreed to revise the Central island Division of Family Practice policies to align the code of conduct for staff, Board and regular members. The Code of Conduct has been reviewed and supported by your Board and takes effect immediately. If you have any question or concerns do not hesitate to contact me.

Please click here to view the CIDFP Harassment Policy

Evelyn Clark
Executive Director
Central Island Division of Family Practice

PMH, Shared Care, Maternity Care Update

Palliative Care Network:
You are invited to join the Central Island Palliative Care Network meeting taking place on Tuesday, November 17th at 6:00pm via Zoom.
Participants will hear about the Palliative Referral process in Oceanside via Pathways from Dr. Sue Hunter, as well as a presentation by Clinical Nurse Educator Marina Lange on the palliative approach to care in a long term care setting.
Sessional payment at the regular rate will be paid for meeting attendance.
Please RSVP to to receive the Zoom meeting details and agenda.

Nurse in Practice:
Murray Coughtrey has been working with Dr. Biglow, Dr. El Karsh and Dr. Bailey in this role and is available to any other clinics who might be interested in this model. If anyone would like further information, please get in touch with Tina Biello, Project Manager. We will also be looking at ways to implement team based virtual care training sessions via PSP and PMH innovation funds this fall.

Maternity Care:
Funding via GPSC for a Maternity network in Port Alberni has been approved. This work will be rolling out soon involving GPs, Specialists, First Nations and community stakeholders.

Shared Care, Psychiatry:
Engagement session to be held on October 28 via zoom with psychiatrist, Dr. Saffy, GP Chris Kwiatkowski and NP Liz Gilmour. Session will focus how members can access this great opportunity to work directly with specialist via shared care.

PCN Update

The PCN Steering Committee and the Divisions staff continue the work of operationalizing the PCN Service Plan and are excited to share this month’s updates.

NP led Patient Medical Home
On Oct 1st the Flowerstone Family Health Clinic opened at 1B, 219 Fern Rd in Qualicum Beach. Congratulations and thank you to all who helped in this team effort to get the clinic ready. We are now working to support the initial 4 Nurse Practitioners at the clinic establish team mapping and systems as they ramp up service and accept patients from the Patient Attachment Mechanism (PAM) waitlist. In the coming months the clinic will be adding an additional 1-2 providers as space allows. A short brochure is available for any members of the public with questions about the new clinic.
Please click here to view brochure.

Engagement event
On Sept 23rd we held an online PCN/PMH engagement event.
Opening comments by Dr Gina Bell were followed by presentations and discussions on the following topics: Nurse in Practise program model by Dr Clair Biglow and Murray Coughtrey, the Practice Link Nurse and Rapid Response Team by Dr Drew Digney, and Overview of the Primary Care Network by Dr Mark Morris.

Increased Physician Recruitment

Since the pandemic began, we are seeing increased interest from urban physicians looking to move to more semi-rural areas.  At our regional recruitment collaborative meeting in September, other rural areas on the island indicated that they are quickly filling up GP vacancies in a similar way.  If you have space in your clinic for another family physician, now might be the time to fill it! 
Please get in touch with Sharon Todd (250-937-0611) to get a position listed on our website, with Island Health, and with Healthmatch.  This will also ensure your clinic will be included in upcoming physician tours, and that incoming physicians to the area may be eligible for Rural Practice Subsidiary Agreement top-ups.   We are also welcoming some new locums and semi-retired physicians to our area - please do get in touch with Sharon to line up your locums for this or next year.

President’s Letter: PPE and COVID-19 planning

October 20, 2020
PPE and Planning

Dear Colleagues,
Your hard work since the onset of the pandemic to actively plan and deliver patient care in your communities and facilities has successfully met our patients' most pressing medical needs. As we move into the fall and winter, we recognize that new challenges will arise.  In anticipation of these evolving challenges, Doctors of BC has been working and advocating on your behalf, through our Joint Collaborative Committees and directly with the Ministry of Health, to provide necessary supports to enable you to continue to provide patients with quality care.

Today, I am writing to update you on developments to better support you.

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

The Ministry of Health has advised that community physicians (both family doctors and specialists with community offices) will have access to the provincial supply chain for PPE at no charge during the duration of the emergency response. Detailed information on the process for ordering and delivery of PPE through the provincial supply chain is expected to be confirmed in the very near future. In the interim, please continue to order your PPE supplies from your usual vendors. If supplies are not available, continue to work with your regional health authorities for urgent PPE needs.

We know that PPE is a key requirement for ensuring British Columbians continue to have access to safe, in-person primary and community medical specialist care during the pandemic, and we are pleased with the Ministry’s decision. Many thanks go to the physicians and Ministry partners who sit on the General Practice Services Committee (GPSC) for working together toward a solution to this significant challenge faced by our community doctors.

Planning for COVID-19

The Ministry advises it will be providing additional one-time compensation for a maximum of 20 hours per physician in total to continue active participation in planning activities through the Divisions of Family Practice and Medical Staff Associations to achieve the goals of the government’s COVID-19 Health-Sector Plan for Fall/Winter 2020-21. The funding criteria will be similar to the Ministry’s pandemic planning support of up to 35 hours per physician made available earlier this year. More information and details on how to apply for funds will be provided shortly.

Primary and Community Care Response 

The GPSC will provide $5-million in additional, one-time funding to the Divisions of Family Practice for pandemic planning and preparation related to achieving the goals of the Ministry’s Primary Care COVID-19 Response Framework. This framework sets out objectives for primary and community COVID-19 plans along with an expectation that divisions and health authority partners will work collaboratively in the design and implementation of these plans.

One of the challenges going into the fall is the need to improve access to immunization during the fall and winter flu season. To help with this, effective October 1, 2020, doctors will be compensated for providing adult immunizations during an office visit through a new temporary fee code that allows physicians to bill adult influenza and pneumococcal immunizations in addition to an office visit (consult, prenatal visit, counseling, etc.). BC Family Doctors proposed the fee code change, which was subsequently approved by the Tariff Committee. We appreciate the work that many of you are doing within your practices and communities to develop best practice guidelines and innovative ways to deliver the flu vaccine to advance patient and provider safety, and your ongoing effort to be resilient and nimble in your front line clinical care.

Reminder - $1,000 Office Safety Plan Support Grant

Approximately 2,000 doctors have applied for the $1,000 grants available to physicians who have implemented a COVID-19 Safety Plan in their practices. The one-time funding is provided by the Joint Collaborative Committees. Details can be found here.

These supports and others we have announced over the last eight months would not be possible without the relationships we have built with our ministry partners, largely through the Joint Collaborative Committees. These relationships have allowed us to have honest, frank conversations and to advocate strongly to increase understanding of the needs and challenges of physicians. These conversations take time, and it can sometimes appear that the changes take longer than many would like, but they have resulted in a significant investment of resources to help support you in this challenging time.

Be assured we are all working hard on your behalf, as we know you are working hard in your practices, facilities, and communities.

I welcome your comments and questions. You can reach me by e-mailing


Dr Kathleen Ross
President, Doctors of BC

Temporary Fee Code Change for Immunizations- October 1, 2020

The Tariff Committee has approved a temporary fee code change for immunizations done during in-office visits. The change is effective October 1st.

Please click here or use the link below for additional information.

Flu immunization

Island Health are running influenza immunization clinics including drive-through tent sites this flu season.  Patients may book online at

Redeployment opportunities during COVID-19

The Ministry of Health is seeking community family physicians who are interested in potential redeployment opportunities as part of the COVID-19 response this fall and winter. This need is not immediate, but it is important to be prepared in the event that landscape changes in the weeks and months to come.

Physicians would potentially be available to provide:

  • Shift coverage for hospitalists
  • Care at Long Term Care sites
  • Primary care for patients with COVID-19 through designated Urgent and Primary Care Centres and clinics (respiratory care centres) 

Physicians and nurse practitioners will need to be privileged through the health authority in order to be eligible for redeployment. The College of Physicians and Surgeons and the BC College of Nurses and Midwives are supportive of this redeployment with the appropriate credentialing, and with practitioners working within their scope and standards of practice.

For more information and health authority contacts in your region please click here.

Mark Armitage
Assistant Deputy Minister, Health Sector Workforce and Beneficiary Services Division
Ministry of Health

Management of Opioid Agonist Therapy Oceanside Health Centre

Management of Opioid Agonist Therapy Oceanside Health Centre Wednesday, November 18, 2020 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm Via Zoom

You are invited to attend an education session focused on the initiation of Opioid Agonist Therapy. Dr. Ramm Hering, Medical Director of Addiction Medicine, will lead the session with the following learning objectives:

  1. Review the guidelines for the Clinical Management of Opioid Use Disorder (OUD).
  2. Identify individuals at risk for OUD and possible overdose using appropriate screening tools and develop a treatment plan to support patient goals.
  3. Understand the role of the Family Physician in the management of OUD.
  4. Develop the ability to safely initiate and/or maintain patients on Buprenorphine (Suboxone).

Physician attendance will be compensated at the Doctors of BC approved sessional rate for 1.5 hours. In addition, MAINPRO+ credits will be available for this session and will be awarded based on attended time.
Please register in advance for this meeting by clicking here, or using the following link:
After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.
Dr. Drew Digney Medical Director, Oceanside Community Urgent Care
Amanda Chapman Coordinator, Addiction Medicine Education

Zoom Into Pathways Virtual Care Webinar

Thursday, November 5th at 7:00-8:30PM
Register by Tuesday, Nov 3rd.  Register Here

Presented by Dr. Tracy Monk, Provincial Pathways Physician Lead

Learning outcomes: 

  • Your Google listing & Virtual Care Directory
  • How to use Pathways to enhance virtual care with patients
  • Updates, tips and tricks
  • medical updates
  • Facilitated breakout rooms
  • Hands-on Demos & practice

Registration is open to GPs, NPs, Specialist, Residents, & MOAs

President's Letter: New Contract Options for BC Physicians

October 1, 2020
New Contract Options for BC Physicians

Dear Colleagues:

Over the last year, the BC Ministry of Health has consulted with Doctors of BC as it developed new contract options for physicians. The dialogue was positive and collaborative, with the Ministry recognizing many of the key components important to physicians in delivering quality patient care.

The consultations are now concluded, and the Ministry is announcing contract options that will provide:

  • More choice for established and new-to-practice family physicians who want to move away from Fee-for-Service (FFS), and 
  • Support for physicians whose FFS practices continue to be significantly destabilized due to conditions resulting from COVID-19.   

It is acknowledged that the new contracts for family physicians may not be a good fit for everyone, but we believe they are reasonable options for some physicians, depending on your goals, the nature of your practice, and your community’s health system service delivery approach. The options are aligned with the Ministry’s and Doctors of BC’s shared direction on Primary Care and support a plurality of payment options for physicians, to match practice styles and circumstances. Ultimately, this is about providing something  doctors have been asking for – greater choice in how you are paid and the way you provide care. The new options will be added to the existing suite of contracts that the Ministry continues to develop with input from Doctors of BC.

The new COVID contracts are intended to be a short term option for FFS physicians whose volumes have been significantly reduced to ensure the continuity of public services throughout the pandemic.

The Ministry of Health and Health Authorities are presently preparing for intake for the new contracts. Physicians who are interested in moving to a new contract will be able to submit their expression of interest in the latter part of October. In the interim, we encourage interested physicians to participate in the webinar(s) noted below.

The following provides a high-level overview of the new contract options. We encourage you to visit the Doctors of BC dedicated web page for more detailed information to help you decide if the contracts might be a good fit for you. 

Group Contract for Practicing Family Physicians

This contract is available to groups of practicing physicians with established patient panels working together in community-based clinics providing longitudinal patient care. It is also available to individual doctors who are not in the same clinic but are located within the same Primary Care Network (PCN).

Both the group contract and the New-to-Practice contracts (below) are designed to support the expansion of patient-centered, team-based care models. This is why clinics who wish to participate in the contract should be aligned or intend to align with the principles of the Patient Medical Home and must commit to actively support the implementation of PCNs.

Compensation is based on hours worked, the number and complexity of attached patients, and participation in Quality Improvement activities. Physicians have the option to earn additional income through work outside the clinic (e.g. in-hospital care), for services provided to third parties (e.g. WorkSafeBC and ICBC), and/or for specialized services referred by other physicians outside the clinic. 

The contract compensates physicians for all time spent on the full spectrum of comprehensive primary care services, rather than just those services covered by MSC fees. As a result, it provides physicians with greater clinical freedom to provide appropriate care to patients – for example, it funds physicians for activities related to prevention of illnesses and co-ordination of care with other providers. It also provides an initial payment guarantee in the first year so that physicians can redesign their business model to match the new contract.

Where a clinic indicates interest in participating in a contract, the Ministry will analyze the practice and provide the physicians in the clinic with a determination of the first year payment guarantee. Future payments will be determined based on hours worked, the number and complexity of attached patients, and confirmed participation in quality improvement activities during the first year of the contract.

Individual Contract for New-to-Practice Family Physicians

The hours based contract provides income security for individual family physicians who wish to join a clinic and create a new patient panel.

Like the contract for established physicians, it provides options to earn additional income by providing services outside the clinic and contract requirements. When the panel size and composition warrants, physicians can transition to either FFS or to a group contract with the clinic where they work.

Simplified Temporary COVID-19 Service Contracts

The short-term contract, available to most family and specialist physicians paid by FFS, is designed specifically to provide a stable income when practices experience lower patient volumes due to COVID impacts. Depending on the level of impact of the pandemic, particularly in the event of future surges, it may be a better option for some physicians than remaining on FFS.  

Physicians can continue with the contract until the number of patient visits returns to normal and/or they are able to restructure their practices, but no longer than December 31, 2021. Physicians can terminate the contract and move back to FFS on five days’ notice when service volumes recover.

The services covered under the contract will be those that physicians have historically provided, as well as compensating physicians for time spent on practice redesign. The hourly rate is based on the midpoint of the Service Contract payment range under the Physician Master Agreement divided by 1680 hours of service. Physicians are also able to bill fee for service for services to patients funded by WorkSafeBC.

More Information

We have developed a number of resources to provide you with detailed information on all the new contracts, and I encourage you to take some time to learn more: 
Visit the dedicated web page on the Doctors of BC website, to find detailed information on the new contracts organized by physician groups, a physician Q & A, and resource materials.
Attend a webinar. We are offering two separate webinars: one to discuss the family practice contracts and one to discuss temporary COVID-19 contracts. Invitations to these webinars will be sent out shortly.
The Family Practice contracts webinar will take place Wednesday, October 7th for 90 minutes beginning at 6pm.
The Temporary COVID-19 contracts webinar will take place Wednesday, October 14th for one hour beginning at 6pm.

Please email the negotiations department if you have any questions at

I hope you will review the contract options that government is offering and the resource information available to you, and make your own determination as to whether one of them is a good fit for your practice model. The primary care contracts are a first step in offering additional alternatives to Fee-for-Service primary care work, and the short term COVID-19 contracts will hopefully work for physicians adversely affected by the pandemic.

As always, I thank you for everything you are doing to support patients and their families at this difficult time. And I wish to acknowledge the commitment and professionalism of so many physicians as you find your path through this pandemic. We are all in this together, and our success so far is due to your dedication and hard work.

I welcome your comments and questions, please e-mail me at

Dr Kathleen Ross
President, Doctors of BC

Provincial Election Primary Care Report Card

Ahead of the 2020 provincial election this Saturday, October 24, we have prepared the 2020 Provincial Election Primary Care Report Card to support family physicians and the public in evaluating the major party platforms as they relate to health care.

We evaluated the publicly available platforms of the BC Green Party, BC Liberal Party and BC New Democratic Party (NDP) against our four key indicators:

  • Every British Columbian has access to a well-supported family doctor
  • Indigenous health and cultural safety
  • Addressing the overdose crisis
  • Pandemic readiness and response

Please read our report to learn more about each party's evaluation.

The report has also been distributed to provincial media.

View the media release here and please share with your networks as appropriate.

We welcome your feedback on this report and your thoughts on what you would like to see from the next government.

Holly McCluskey
Communications Manager
BC College of Family Physicians

Joint Collaborative Committees

Joint Collaborative Committees

$1,000 office grant available for BC’s community physicians

A reminder to community physicians who have implemented COVID-19 Safety Plans in their offices that the Joint Collaborative Committees (JCCs) are providing grants of $1,000 per eligible physician to help offset costs incurred between March 15 and December 31, 2020 while preparing their offices for re-opening. The grant registration deadline is December 31, 2020.

For more information and registration please click here or visit the Doctors of BC website:

My Virtual Visits

Information for Division Members about My Virtual Visits use:

Any request for GPs can be sent to the telehealth inbox at Leadership currently reviews and prioritizing requests coming in both from internal programs and private practice physicians. As mentioned, currently Island Health is prioritizing the implementation of Island Health Clinical Programs and providers on the platform.

Please click here for “Information for Healthcare Providers”on our external website. This includes information about the platform as well as the contact for requesting an account.
You can also access the link here:

2020-21 Influenza Immunization Update

2020-21 Influenza Immunization Update

Community health-care providers play a critical role in the Province’s immunization programs, which are key to preventing communicable disease outbreaks throughout British Columbia. We know when families and seniors need immunizations or have questions, family physicians and nurse practitioners in their community are often who they approach for support and information. We appreciate and thank you for the important work you do to promote and provide immunization services to people in your communities.
Please click here for more information from the Ministry of Health.

PNL No. 320 - Seasonal Influenza Immunization Campaign 2020 - 2021

Please click here to view a Newsletter from your local Medical Health Officer.

Primary Care Forums: Providing MAiD Virtual Workshop

Island Health Primary Care Forums invites you to the upcoming CME: Providing MAiD Virtual Workshop. The CME is open for registration to primary care physicians in all communities across Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands, with a maximum of 50 participants for the session.  The session is scheduled for November 12, 2020 from 5:00-8:00pm.  Please click here for detailed event and registration information.

Chelsea Wakelyn, MA
Coordinator, Primary Care Forums|| Primary Care Strategy
Email: I Cell: (250) 618-0814

BC Family Doctors about "Learning from COVID"

A quick message from BC Family Doctors about "Learning from COVID".

Click here for a recently crafted document from BC Family Doctors (formerly SGP).

UBC - Invitation for Study Participation

Immersive Multimedia as an Adjunctive Measure for Pain Control in Cancer Patients - Research Participants Needed.

Please click here to read the invitation and information letter.
Please click here for an informational poster about the project.

Therapeutics Initiative Methods Speakers Series REGISTRATION OPEN

TI Methods Speaker Series Wednesday, November 18th

Please join us for the next TI Methods Speaker Series on "Doctors and the Pharmaceutical Industry: Too close for comfort?" 


ABOUT THE TOPIC: The Canadian medical profession and the pharmaceutical history have a long history of a close relationship. This talk will explore what the relationship looks like now and what the implications are for the way that doctors’ practice.

PRESENTER: Joel Lexchin graduated from the University of Toronto medical school in 1977 and for the past 32 years has been an emergency physician at the University Health Network in Toronto. His latest book is Doctors in Denial: Why Big Pharma and the Canadian Medical Profession are Too Close For Comfort published by Lorimer.

DATE: Wednesday, November 18th, 2020

TIME: 19:00 - 20:15 Pacific Standard Time PST

CME CREDITS: MainPro+/MOC Section 1 credits: 1.0. You must register, attend the webinar and complete the evaluation in order to receive your certificate.

CLICK HERE or use the link below.

Learning Objectives
By the end of this session, participants should be able to:

  • Examine the relationship between industry and doctors
  • Be aware that influence is often subconscious
  • Examine how the relationship between industry and doctors can influence the treatment that patients receive
  • Explore ways to reduce the influence of industry on how doctors’ practice

TI Methods Speaker Series Wednesday, October 28th

Please join us for the next TI Methods Speaker Series on "Innovations in Methods and Evaluation of Guideline Development" Please click here for details and registration.

Oceanside Hospice Society

The Oceanside Hospice Society serves individuals and families experiencing end-of-life, care-giving and bereavement in the area stretching from Deep Bay to Nanoose, and west to Errington and Whiskey Creek

We strive to provide links in the continuum of care by supporting care giving at home, in hospital or the palliative care unit at Trillium and at community care facilities.

Please contact us at 250.752.6227 or visit for further information.

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