We are holding 2 events in collaboration with the Adult Community Learning Centre in Brentwood. In each course, students will get an insight into the coffee industry and learn about sourcing, roasting, tasting and brewing the perfect cup of coffee.

These courses are aimed at students who want to learn more about the vast world of coffee and what goes into making your morning brew.

The courses will cover the following.

a) How we source and choose the right coffee. Different varieties, processing methods and how that affects the flavour of coffee.

b) Roasting process. We believe that every type of coffee needs to be treated differently in the roaster to bring out the best flavour.

c) Coffee Tasting. Coffee ‘cupping’ is a practise used by coffee buyers and roasters to taste and score coffees side by side. It's also a great way to develop your palette and breakdown aspects of the coffee's taste. Typically, seasoned cuppers will be assessing body, sweetness, acidity and overall flavour.

d) Aeropress demonstration. How to brew the best coffee at home. We chose this method because it is easy, clean and gives you great tasting coffee.

You do not need any specific prior knowledge to participate and enjoy these courses. Everyone is welcome to join. Limited space available, so book your ticket HERE.

Price: £25 (includes a bag of coffee)
Dates: 31 Oct 2016 or 02 Nov 2016 
Time: 7pm to 9pm
Venue: Bishops Hill ACL, Rayleigh Road, Brentwood, CM13 1BD

Looking forward to seeing you there.

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