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Pool Update and Survey

In 1971 East Malvern Tennis Club built the first Concrete Swimming Pool in Victoria. It has been managed by our members and committee, on a “Not for Profit” basis without any council funding. It has been happily used by our members and their families without any serious incident. In recent years Stonnington Council and Life Saving Victoria have started to take a greater interest in the pool management. This has meant far greater regulation and compliance issues for us. Stonnington did not allow the pool to open last summer after an initial Covid19 shut down.

The upcoming Clubhouse development may incorporate the retention or removal of the pool. The Committee sees the pool as an asset to our Club. You may be aware that other large Clubs in Stonnington, such as Kooyong and Royal South Yarra have pools as well.

We are keen to have your input as Members of EMTC. Would you please take a moment to answer these few questions and send us your thoughts by 7 November.

Member Guests can return

Great news with the further easing of restrictions, members may invite visitors back to the club once again from Friday 29 October.