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Whole Foods Invests in Instacart at 2014 Valuation

As more Whole Foods customers choose to avoid the store and get groceries delivered to their homes through Instacart, the high-end supermarket chain is taking a stake in the four-year-old startup. Instacart Inc. authorized the sale of new equity earlier this year, letting Whole Foods Market Inc. buy shares in the startup in conjunction with an expanded partnership, said people familiar with the transaction, who asked not to be identified because the details are private. [ Bloomberg ]

Here's how Snapchat's new Spectacles will work

The company formerly known as Snapchat surprised the world last night by unveiling Spectacles, its first hardware product. The sunglasses, which record videos in 10-second increments, are expected to be available for sale sometime "soon." Snap Inc., as the company is now called, says it will be producing the glasses in small quantities. There are still lots of questions about how Spectacles will work — but thanks to some new information from the company, we can now answer some basic questions. Let's dive in!
[ The Verge ]

The CEO of Dot & Bo explains why the furniture startup failed

In what I can only describe as a refreshingly honest interview, Dot & Bo CEO Anthony Soohoo said that the reason the San Francisco-based, millennial-aimed online furniture retail closed is because it simply did not work as a business. [ Recode ]

The 5 do's and don'ts of being a successful startup founder, according to Jeff Jordan of Andreessen Horowitz

After five years in the world of venture capital, Jeff Jordan has seen hundreds, if not thousands, of startup pitches. In fact, Jordan jokingly describes his job as "professional pitch receiver." While Jordan is now a general partner at Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), he used to be the CEO of OpenTable — and before that, the president of PayPal — so he knows a thing or two about running a company. [ Business Insider ]

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