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This month we released two new products featuring the artwork of Mary Engelbriet: Fairy Tale Fluxx and a Mary Engelbreit version of Loonacy!

Fairy Tale Fluxx has been in the works for a long time. Andy worked out the design some years ago, but other versions of Fluxx kept going to the front of the line. But when Laurie suggested Mary’s artwork for the game, Andy scoured a couple of her illustrated fairy tale books and found that she’d already done almost everything he needed! It’s a delightful edition and since it’s all about children’s stories, Fairy Tale Fluxx is also on the simple end of the complexity spectrum. In other words, it doesn’t have any Creepers… but even so, watch out for the Giant, the Witch, and the Wolf!

This month’s other new game is Mary Engelbreit Loonacy. We’ve chosen 25 of her most well-known and beloved images (starting with her famous “Chair of Bowlies”) and turned them into a deck for our maniacal matching card game. New for this version of Loonacy are rules for other games you can play with this deck, adapted from classics played with traditional cards: Solitaire, Rummy, Go Fish, and Peace (not War). You can find those special rules here: http://www.looneylabs.com/more-Loonacy

Enjoy the joy!

Not everybody in the tabletop gaming world recognizes the name Mary Engelbreit, but she is a renowned artist who has been in business for over 40 years, and we are so honored that she allowed her artwork to grace both a Fluxx and a Loonacy game! Best known for her calendars and greeting cards, Mary is currently ranked #9 for calendars on Amazon, and #22 for art books. She's all that and a "chair full of bowlies!"

Starting with her signature character, Ann Estelle, Mary Engelbreit's portfolio has grown and developed into an extremely diverse collection of beautiful designs with a variety of recurring themes. Her art has been described as whimsical, warm, fuzzy, and charming; the Wall Street Journal has even made reference to her extensive body of work as being a "vast empire of cuteness." More recently, Mary has been turning her attention to activism, such as donating a poster about reading that funded a free book initiative. She's also been adding a more humorous, snarky line of "Mary Engeldark" products to her repertoire. These days, the Queen of Cute has got some attitude, and we love it!

Vist her website here: https://www.maryengelbreit.com/

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This month's shirt design is really cool. It will be available to order for the next two weeks for only $20! Order it now, so you can get it on your body later!

And don't forget some Fluxx Soxx to warm your toesies!

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Looney Labs will be at NAGC’s national conference for a second year. Kristin Looney and Looney Labs’ resident teacher, Laurie, will be demoing games, handing out freebies and information about the value of games in education, forging new industry partnerships, and showing off our new line of customizable card games. If you are the teacher or parent of a gifted child, come out to Minneapolis and see what NAGC and Looney Labs have to offer!

The National Association for Gifted Children’s Annual Convention is the largest gathering devoted to gifted and talented education. It offers valuable information and inspiration to nearly 3,000 K-12 teachers, university professionals, parents, and others who support gifted children through 300+ content rich sessions, keynote addresses, student performances and artwork, a poster gallery of research, an exhibit hall, Family Day, and networking opportunities.


PAX Unplugged

Looney Labs will have a booth and two demo tables with ALL the fun! Kristin, Andy, and the Looney Labs crew will be handing out promo cards, signing autographs, demoing games, showing off cool new prototypes, (hopefully) creating a new Fluxx in front of a live audience, and selling all 22 versions of Fluxx, Pinny Arcade pins, and much more! Come play Chrononauts, Zendo, Pyramid Arcade, Get the MacGuffin, and ALL the Fluxxes with the Looneys!

PAX Unplugged is a new addition to the Penny Arcade line of conventions. While most of their conventions are more video game focussed, this one is geared exclusively to tabletop games. Last year was its inaugural year and a huge success! Other conventions in this line include PAX West (formerly called PAX Prime), PAX South, PAX East, PAX Australia, and PAX-DEV.



Kristin and Andy will be gaming Guests of Honor at Pensacon. Though it’s too early for specifics, they will undoubtedly be available to play games, show off prototypes, and sign autographs. They may also be giving talks or holding other events as well. Stay tuned for details!

Founded in 2013, Pensacon is the premiere comic book and pop culture convention serving Pensacola and the Gulf Coast. The event will feature cosplaying, an official qualifier for the Catan National Championships, a short film festival, game show nights, and autograph and photo opportunities with an impressive line-up of celebrity guests. Some of these guests include Summer Glau from Firefly, Garrett Wang from Star Trek: Voyager, Colin Baker and Catherine Tate from Doctor Who, and Jonathan Frakes from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

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Q: How did the design of Fairy Tale Fluxx change after Mary Engelbreit was chosen as the artist?

A:  When we had the idea of using her art for the game, it quickly became obvious that she’d already done most of the work for us. Almost all of the illustrations in the game were originally published in one of these two books: Mary Engelbreit’s Fairy Tales and Mary Engelbreit’s Nursery Tales. As I looked through these books, I found many pictures that I could use just as they were, or with very slight, easily made changes. In some cases, we had several different possibilities to choose between, but often, one image would stand out as the perfect choice. But one illustration proved problematic: The Dragon. Neither of those books had a story with a dragon! We thought about searching through other areas of her portfolio, or even asking her to draw a new one for us, but then I had a different idea: The Giant! My original design didn’t include a giant, but when I saw that giant bellowing on page 89 of Nursery Tales, I decided to simply replace the dragon with a giant. In retrospect I think it’s a better choice anyway!

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Want to hear more about what’s going on with Looney Labs? Want to talk to other fans about all things Looney? Looney Labs Chatter is the Facebook group for you!

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Family Fun Hobbies is a community center for the towns around Hamilton, NJ. They cater to all ages. They carry games, hobbies, puzzles, pine wood derby, toys and of course Looney Labs games!

Family Fun Hobbies hosts events 7 days a week including board game nights, miniature wargaming, Dungeons and Dragons, Magic the Gathering and Lightseekers. They offer FREE party space, classes and more!

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