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Hi valued patient,

Welcome back to the Thornhill Dermatology Centre newsletter ~ and to spring.  The season of renewal is toying with making an appearance. Its long awaited arrival has us anticipating a beautiful new season and looking forward to packing away our winter layers. Until the official thaw is queued, learn what you can do to refresh your complexion and shed winter dullness. Help us spread skin health education and share your newsletter with a friend today.

Comprised of exceptional, “results-oriented” anti-aging and optimizing skincare formulations, the iS Clinical® skincare line has been meticulously designed and created by a team of world-renowned pharmacologists and physicians. Sincerely believing in improving skin quality, iS Clinical® products deliver remarkable improvements to both the appearance and health of the skin.

Learn more today. Call (905) 695-2020 or email us for a complimentary skincare consultation.



The magic of fire and ice.

These unmistakable symbols for hot and cold also represent one of the most popular beauty rituals among today’s Hollywood celebrities. If you were a fan of this year’s Oscars or among the millions of viewers, Tweeters and fashionistas catching up on red carpet beauty, you were witness to the benefits of the Fire and Ice Facial by iS Clinical® ~ NOW available at Thornhill Dermatology Centre.

The secret to the unique benefits of the Fire and Ice Facial is simple: lift away every dull, pore-clogging skin cell and then calm, nourish and infuse hydration for a glow and clarity that lasts. ‘Fire’ kicks off the facial treatment with a warming resurfacing masque. A soothing ‘Ice’ masque follows ~ like a tall glass of water for the skin. Touch up with sun protection and your favourite mineral makeup, and your skin will look and feel better than ever before. Results are instant.

Try a Fire and Ice Facial for just $99 until April 30th. Call (905) 695-2020 or email us for booking.




Out with the old and in with the new. The age-old adage suggests we make room for the up and coming and it’s as true for our bathroom cabinets as it is for the other facets of life. The term shelf life is fairly self-explanatory and expiry dates are helpful but  DO YOU REALLY KNOW when to call it quits with your moisturizer or serum?

As a centre for advanced dermatology and cosmetic medicine, our dermatologists follow some general rules of thumb when it comes to replacing skincare. We recommend replacing open pots of skincare after three months to avoid contamination, which could lead to fungal infections or skin irritations. Tubes and droppers should be replaced every six months, after which time active ingredients have oxidized and are less effective.

Mastering your skincare routine - finding products that work for you in simple steps you will follow - will save money and help you make the most of your at-home program. Our dermatologists and medical aesthetician will help you find the best products for your unique skin type.

Schedule a no-charge spring skincare consultation today. Call (905) 695-2020 or email our coordinators for booking.




Canadian Living Magazine recently sat down with Thornhill Dermatology Centre’s Dr. Lori Shapiro to review anti-aging skin care. Whatever your age or stage of life, Dr. Shapiro’s guidance will help you look as great as you feel and keep your skin in ideal health.

Read Dr. Shapiro’s advice here or contact us for a consultation ~ call (905) 695-2020 or email today!