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Centre E-Newsletter - July 2017
Our digital journey

At the IAB we are trying to make life quicker and easier for students and centres. We are doing this by making the most of the technology available to us.

We took a step forward on our digital journey when we launched our new website. The website has a more modern look and is compatible with smartphones and tablets so that it can be accessed on the go.

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New IAB logo for your marketing materials

As an IAB Accredited Training Provider you are eligible to use the IAB’s logo on your website and in any marketing collateral.

The logo can be used as a mark of excellence and to promote your offering of IAB qualifications.

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CFOs of the future ‘will need better people skills’

The finance directors of 2030 will need better people skills than their counterparts of today normally have, and be less focused on technical accounting, according to Mark Nitler, vice president of finance technology firm Workday.

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Robots will take only the ‘miserable jobs’

Workers should not worry about being made unemployed by robots because most jobs that would be killed off were miserable anyway, according to a former employment minister.

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Do your students roar or squeal?

Can you compare your students exam technique to animal behaviour? Accountancy tuition provider BPP asked 1,200 of its students to see if there were any common approaches to study. The results of its survey offered some interesting insights into their study habits.

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International - Euro zone trade booms in May, EU-Russia commerce surges

Euro zone's trade boomed in May with both exports and imports of goods to the rest of the world growing markedly, in a new sign that global commerce was in good health.

The European Union, the world's main trader, also saw its trade increase with all its main partners, with a surge of exchanges with Russia despite economic sanctions on Moscow.

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