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February 2, 2017
This Week's Product Spotlight

W. Britain Price Increase
We've just been notified that Britains will see a price increase starting March 1st. Looking over the new price list it looks to apply only to the back catalog. Figures that have been released or announced in the last quarter are already at the 2017 prices. With this in mind we are offering all Britains at the old prices now through the end of the month. If you are thinking about adding some of these excellent figures to your collection now is the time to do it.

From W. Britains...As I’m sure you’ve noticed, the quality of our figures, and the breadth of our offerings, continues to improve. We try very hard to bring the collector the very finest pieces while attempting to maintain as reasonable a price as possible. That being said, costs continually rise and we will be raising our prices. While no one likes price increases, these are not particularly dramatic. The W.Britain figures you see today are the finest, most fairly priced available. Starting March 1, the new prices will take effect. In the meantime, you can stock up at the old prices!
View the complete Britains range HERE

Now Available at MTSC
Mission Models Premium Hobby Paints

MMP Acrylics are simply put, the acrylic airbrush ready paint we've all been waiting for. No more messing with lacquer thinner! Just a few drops of their thinner plus a few more of the optional MMP polyurethane add-in (reduces tip dry and increases durability, cures to an eggshell finish) and your paint will come out beautifully smooth. There are no additional additives to MMP paints which results in no shelf life , hard settles or breakdown.

View our In-depth look HERE
View to Order HERE

Latest in Toy Soldiers & Miniatures

Imported From Russia

1/32nd Scale Injection Plastic Figures
CHT-003 Napoleons General Staff Set 2
CHT-004 Wellingtons Staff
View Latest Chintoys Releases

1/72nd Scale Injection Plastic Figures
Imported From The Ukraine

Strelets Big Box Series
STL-909 Norman Army Camp
STR 910 Hastings 1066: Norman Army
STR 911 Stamford Bridge
STR 912 Hastings 1066: Anglo-Saxon Army
Strelets Mini Series
STR M114 WWII Japanese Troops in Tropical Uniform
STR M117 English Longbowmen
STR M118 English Foot Soldiers 13-14
STR M119 Indian Infantry
Strelets R Series
STR140 Highlanders on the March Napoleonic
STR141 British Infantry on the March
STR142 Polish Infantry on the March Napoleonic
View Latest Strelets Releases

Waterloo 1815
1/72nd Scale Injection Plastic Figures
Imported From Italy

1/72nd Scale Plastic Figures
WAT-AP062 French Line Voltigeurs at Waterloo
WAT-AP061Waterloo French Fusiliers 1811-15
WAT-AP055 WWII Royal Italian Air Force Pilots and Crew
WAT-AP040 WWII Italian Infantry in campaign dress
View Latest Waterloo Releases

Latest in Figure Kits

Andrea Miniatures
Imported From Spain

AND-LEK-F002 Eisernes Kreuz SS Sturmmann, 1940 (1/16) 120mm (1/16 Scale)
AND-SEK-F002 Eisernes Kreuz SS Sturmmann, 1940 (1/35)
View Latest Andrea Releases
Latest in Scenic & Diorama

Hudson & Allen
Made in the USA

1/30th Scale Pre-finished Scenics
HAN-P2033 Damaged Smokestack
HAN-P2073 Entrenchment with Firestep
HAN-P2096 Tel-el-Kebir Earthworks 1882
HAN-P2093 Trench Section No. 4 Mortar Emplacement with Removable...
HAN-B2101 Winter Scene Backdrop No.1
HAN-B2102 Eastern Woodland Scene Backdrop No.1
View Latest H&A Releases
Latest in Paints, Tools & Supplies

AK Interactive
Imported from Spain

AKI-AFV-MC812 US Aircraft Metal Skin Colors Acrylic Paint Set
AKI-AFV-MC813 WWII German Vehicle Camouflage Colors Vol.1 Acrylic Paint Set
AKI-FS-3190 Figure Series: Yellow Uniform Colors Acrylic Paint Set
AKI-FS-3200 Figure Series: Vietnam US Green & Camouflage Acrylic Paint Set
View Latest AK Releases

Abteilung 502
Imported from Spain

Abteilung 502 offers a wide range of quality brushes that allows you choose the one that best suits your needs. These mid-grade synthetic brushes are design to withstand the abuse that oils, enamels and solvents can take on your brushes but can be used with any paints.
ABT-8306 Size 6 Synthetic Round Brush
ABT-8304 Size 4 Synthetic Round Brush
ABT-8302 Size 2 Synthetic Round Brush
ABT-8301 Size 1 Synthetic Round Brush
ABT-8300 Size 0 Synthetic Round Brush
ABT-8458 Size 8 Synthetic Angular Brush
ABT-8456 Size 6 Synthetic Angular Brush
ABT-8454 Size 4 Synthetic Angular Brush
ABT-8358 Size 8 Synthetic Flat Brush
ABT-8356 Size 6 Synthetic Flat Brush
ABT-8354 Size 4 Synthetic Flat Brush
ABT-8352 Size 2 Synthetic Flat Brush
ABT-8351 Size 1 Synthetic Flat Brush
ABT-830100 Size 10/0 Synthetic Round Brush
ABT-83050 Size 5/0 Synthetic Round Brush
ABT-83040 Size 4/0 Synthetic Round Brush
ABT-83000 Size 00 Synthetic Round Brush
View Latest 502 Releases
Latest in Books, Magazines, DVDs

Imported from Spain

AUP-SM-13 Static Model Manual 13: Diorama - Elements in Combat
View Latest Auriga Releases

PLA Editions
Imported from Spain

PED-1005 Abrams Squad: Bear in the Sand Modelling the Russian Armour in Syria-Libya
A complete guide of articles with “how to build” and “how to paint” tips for the most used vehicles by the many forces that fight in Middle East.

View Product Spotlight
View Latest PLA Releases

Canfora Form & Forlag
Imported from Sweden

CAN-547 Wingspan Volume 2
Volume 2 in this exciting new series is dedicated entirely to the increasingly popular 1:32 aircraft scale. The landscape format and large photos afford the opportunity to explore the models closely, and to truly appreciate the level of detail achievable in this scale. Full-page close-ups and overall views are combined with step-by-step instructions to depict each model to its full potential. 10 full featured builds include: F-4C Phantom, BF 109F-4, Hurricane Mk.JLC, P-61 Black Widow, AV-8B Harrier II, M2b Zero , JU-87G Stuka, Felixstowe F.2A, Focke-Wulf Ta152. 128 pages, soft-cover
View Latest Canfora Releases

Latest Osprey Releases
MTSC Bonus Company = Always 20% off SRP

C303 Campaign: Lake Trasimene 217 BC
CBT22 Combat: Panzergrenadier vs US Armored Infantryman

D077 Duel: Bazooka vs Panzer
E216 Elite: Vietnam War US and Allied Combat Equipments
V242 Vanguard: Soviet Cold War Guided Missile Cruisers
View the latest Osprey Releases


Current Issues
Titles in bold are new since our last newsletter

- Abrams Squad: The Modern Modeling Magazine Issue 18
- Aces High Magazine Issue 8: Captured
- Amazing Figure Modeler Issue 62
- Ancient Warfare Magazine Vol. 10 No. 5
- AFV Modeller Magazine Issue 91
- Fine Scale Modeler March 2017
- Medieval Warfare Magazine Vol. 6 No. 6

- Military
Miniatures in Review Issue #63niature Wargames Issue #403
- Miniature Wargames Issue 405
Panzer Aces Issue 53
- Playset Magazine Issue 91
- Tanker Techniques Magazine Issue 5 - Mud and Earth

- The Weathering Magazine Issue 17
- The Weathering Magazine Aircraft no.3
- Toy Soldier & Model Figure Issue 220
- Wargames Illustrated Issue 351
- Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy Issue 87

Back In Stock
Hudson & Allen Studios
Some old favorites available again! Snow, Slush, Woodland Debris, Foliage
View the latest Back In Stocks

Accion Press Landscapes in Details Snow & Moses
View the latest Back In Stocks

Upcoming Releases

2 new paint racks & Model Air paints sets in February
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Aces High!
February will see the release of the all new AH09 Aces High Magazine Issue 9: Helicopters & AKI-AH2918 Aces High Hind Special Issue
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Our Pre Order Policy: When you pre order a product you will not be charged until the product arrives. We do not notify you when a pre order arrives unless you request it in advance. If you choose to pay in advance by PayPal we will hold your order until all items arrive or you make separate shipping arrangements.
One-of-a-Kind, Vintage, Retired & Collectibles

We Buy Collections and Accumulations of New & Old Toy Soldiers, Historical Miniatures, Historical Reference Books, Militaria, Vintage Toys and Related items. We also accept consignments. Please call toll free 1-888-642-4869 or email to get a quote or for our consignment terms and conditions.
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MTSC Events

Paint and Game Thursdays Nights
Thursday night join area gamers, modelers and figure painters for an evening of tips, tricks, fellowship & fun. This informal meeting is open to anyone and beginners are encouraged to attend and pick the brains of seasoned veterans! Run a game, play a board game or bring your paints, figures & brushes and join in.
February Schedule HERE

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FARLEY'S FIGURE OF THE WEEK #140 Marx Nutty Marx 'End Zone
It's Super Bowl Week so we have chosen this classic Nutty Mad from Marx who answers to the name 'End Zone' as our latest FOTW.

MTSC PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: FC Modeltips 1 & 2 by Federico Collada

MATT KOLTONOW'S GAME ON! February Historical Wargaming Round Up

MTSC Trench Runner Review:
Steven Lowenthal Puts Mission Models Premium Hobby Paints To The Test

..a Dose of Useless Tidbits from the Historical Hobbies World

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The Winner...
It's Thursday so...we have a winner for last weeks Talkin' Toys contest. Rena Carlson has snagged one of the most coveted prizes on earth...which is of course is a $50 Gift Card from Michigan Toy Soldier

TALKIN' TOYS #03-17 Teaser
All you have to do is come up with the wittiest quote for the word bubble.
The winner will receive a $50.00 gift card from Michigan Toy Soldier Company.

To enter go to our FACEBOOK page and post it to the comments under the image and you can win a $50.00 gift card from Michigan Toy Soldier Company. Just think... you get free stuff and you get show off your comedic charms that will fly around the world via ‘Over The Top’ ‘News From The Front’ , Google+ & Facebook pages.
We will post the winning entry right here next Thursday.
Post you entries here: FACEBOOK

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