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Win a Copy of "Steam on the Horizon"!

Melissa Ann Conroy is giving away ten autographed copies of her steampunk novel "Steam on the Horizon". To sign up for a chance to win a copy, simply like SteamyGirl Publishing on Facebook by November 23rd at midnight. 

The giveaway is open to US residents. Winners will be chosen randomly. The giveaway ends soon, so make sure to like SteamyGirl Publishing on Facebook! You can check out more details here

Steampunk Society of Nebraska

The word "Nebraska" inevitably conjures up images of cornfields, feedlots, football and (more recently) Lady Gaga wearing a mermaid fin while floating in a watering trough. Most of this, aside from the Lady Gaga bit, is usually fairly accurate, but would you be surprised to know that Nebraska is also home to a vibrant steampunk community? The Steampunk Society of Nebraska currently boasts just over 900 members, one of them being Melissa Ann Conroy herself. The SSON is an active group, hosting everything from steampunk teas to antiquing to attenting conventions together. Check out our Facebook page to see some Nebraska-style steampunk!

Meet the Artist!

Meet Brent Schreiber, the talented artist who contributed the cover art for "Steam on the Horizon". Brent hails from Ontario, Canada. Check out his website to see more examples of his work!

Strong Female Characters and Steampunk

Where would steampunk be without its kick-butt, brave heroines in corsets and bustles, brazenly taking on armies of automatons and dishing out witty barter? Or, has the SFC (strong female character) gotten a little too common-place and overused? Check out a lively and intellectual discussion about SFCs that Melissa generated on The Steampunk Empire and also be sure to check out this article on the topic. 

TeslaCon Recap

This year's TeslaCon was a rousing success, and Lord Bobbins and his hard-working team is to be much congradulated on their stellar work. Check out some highlights from TeslaCon on Melissa's blog

"Clouds of War" Book Two of the Aether Saga

Melissa is busy at work on "Clouds of War" the second book of her Aether Sage steampunk series. In "Clouds of War" Captain Roberts and the brave crew of the Horizon will be risking peril, scanty fuel sources, bitter cold, maurading Russian airships, and uncooperate engines as they work as a military transport vessel during the first winter of the Crimean War. "Clouds of War" will be available in the next few months, so stay tuned for more updates!