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On February 1st, the Center for International Strategy, Technology, and Policy and the Office of International Initiatives at the Georgia Institute of Technology will be hosting a panel discussion on contemporary Chinese foreign policy. To get more details click here

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20th Anniversary of the naming of the school after Senator Nunn

It's a very special time here at the Nunn School because December 11th marked the 20th anniversary of the naming of the school after Senator Nunn. We're so proud to be attached to such an honorable and influential man.

Professor Margaret Kosal visit to the U.S. Army's Aberdeen Proving Ground

Professor Margaret E Kosal recently visited the U.S. Army's Aberdeen Proving Ground in Aberdeen Maryland, where she toured the mobile hydrolysis facilities used to destroy the Syrian Chemical Weapons and met with the US Government personnel who carried it out.

The Winter 2017 Washington Quarterly features the work of Nunn School Faculty

Professors Jordan, Kosal, Rubin, "The Strategic Illogic of Counterterrorism Policy" and Professor Whitlark and her co-author Rupal Mehta, "Unpacking the Iranian Nuclear Deal: Nuclear Latency and U.S. Foreign Policy”

For free access to these articles, click here.

Professor Emeritus John Garver's speech on Indo-Chinese relations

Professor Emeritus John Garver recently gave a speech on Indo-Chinese relations. Click here for the full speech.

Senator Nunn's Interview about Hacking and it's Impact on U.S. Military

Senator Nunn was recently interviewed about hacking and its impact on the US military. Watch the complete interview here.

Professor Lawrence Rubin interview for the Research on Religion podcast

Professor Lawrence Rubin was interviewed for Research on Religion’s podcast hosted by Tony Gill, professor of political science at the University of Washington. The podcast is sponsored by Baylor’s Institute for Studies of Religion.

Rubin discussed his book, Islam in the Balance: Ideational Threats in Arab Politics (Stanford UP, 2014), Middle East politics, and the role of ideas in foreign policy. Download or listen to the podcast here.

Dr. Kirk Bowman's was Interviewed about the to FIFA World Soccer Cup Structure

Dr. Kirk Bowman was interviewed about the newly announced change to the FIFA Club World Cup structure for the The Christian Science Monitor. Read the article here

General (Ret.) Breedlove's Talk on Euro-Atlantic Challenges

Did you miss Nunn School faculty member General (Ret.) Breedlove's talk on Euro-Atlantic Challenges? You can catch the talk on our Youtube Channel!

Alumni Spotlight

Congratulations to Gene Germanovich (INTA '05) on his selection as a CNAS New Generation National Security Fellow. Read more here

One of our PhD alums, Tong Zhao, has been interviewed by several members of the American media over the current feelings in PR China over some of the comments coming out of the transition team and the President-elect. Click here to read more.

On November 30th, Dr. Margaret E. Kosal and the Center for International Strategy, Technology, and Policy hosted Foreign Service Officer Ted Danowitz for a discussion of his experience in the Foreign Service. See what he will be doing in the coming years here

Amanda Meng, who graduated from our doctoral program this past December, served as deployment lead for the Social Media Tracking Center(SMTC) in Accra, Ghana. Read more here