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Happy Holidays to all! Are you still looking for the perfect gift for the favorite people in your life? Well, look no further, because we have gifts and stocking stuffers for every taste. They say that experiences make the best gifts, and tabletop games are wonderful experiences for the whole family. And just to make the deal a little sweeter, we have quite a few holiday bundles that will add a little extra cheer this season!

Looney Labs released five exciting new games this year! First off was a fun little romp through history as a time repair agent trying to catch a chrono-criminal in Time Breaker. Then came three exciting new Fluxx titles. Play a little Dabo at Quark’s Bar or take a trip through the wormhole with Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Fluxx (the third in our Star Trek line). Or if comics are more your style, use your Spider Sense or snap your fingers Thanos-style in Marvel Fluxx. Or maybe you want to live on the wild side with Jumanji Fluxx, featuring a new type of card—the Danger card! Or if Fluxx isn’t your thing, you can give Star Trek Chrono-Trek a try. It’s based on the Chrononauts time travel engine, but covers the entire Star Trek universe. Chrono-Trek is a true treasure for any Star Trek fan!

But that’s not all we released this year. We also made three new expansion packs and a mini-game! First, Plan C adds six new and slightly more challenging cards to the game Get the MacGuffin, and also allows up to 14 people to play. Next, we made a special promo pack for the Museum of Math and made it available in our webstore as well so that you can Turn It Up to 11 with Math Fluxx. And just in time for the holidays, we have the 13th Doctor expansion for Doctor Who Fluxx! And finally, for fans of social deduction games, we have a TWO-PLAYER version called Are You a Robot?. Or buy multiple copies at just $2 each to play a multi-player game.

2019 was the Year of Time Travel at Looney Labs. We released two all new time travel games—one for this universe (Time Breaker) and one for the Star Trek universe (Chrono-Trek). We also made a timey-wimey expansion pack for Doctor Who Fluxx, and the Plan C expansion pack that features The Time Traveler for Get the MacGuffin. In honor of all this time travel, we’ve created some great bundles that include a couple of rare promo cards: Doctor Who Fluxx Bundle, Time Breaker with Star Trek Chrono-Trek, and the ultimate Chrononauts bundle!

This next set of bundles gives you all sorts of goodies for three of our biggest fandoms—Firefly, Star Trek, and Monty Python​! The base games are tons of fun on their own, but only get better when you add the expansion packs and promo cards. Anybody for some holiday Spam™?

Pyramid Arcade is the culmination of decades of effort here at Looney Labs and this bundle is the ultimate collection of our pyramid gamesWe've included two additional colors of pyramids (and Twin Win cards to match), Sandships (a new game for Pyramid Arcade), the reference cards for several games Andy and fans have created, and a Chessboard Bandana. There are 22 games in Pyramid Arcade already - with these extras and the rules you can find online you can play nine more! Ranging from quick press-your-luck games to simple strategy to deep complex games, and even dexterity games, you'll find something for everyone with Looney pyramids.

Family is very important during the holidays and we know sometimes it takes a good game to get everyone together (or keep the kids busy for a while!). Luckily, we have plenty of games that are perfect for all ages. The Holiday Fluxx bundle is perfect for the season, with extra holiday cheer. Just Desserts and its expansions will leave you hungry just in time for dinner. Get the Macguffin and Plan C let you play with as many as 14 people if you have a large group. And the Mary Engelbreit bundle is perfect for Grandma and the grandkids or anyone new to gaming!

Play games or study hard? A tough call, but with these games you don't have to choose! Nanofictionary helps develop language skills and spark your inner storyteller. Travel through time and patch paradoxes while you learn about history (and alternate history!) in Chrononauts and Early American Chrononauts. Or, if you need to brush up on your Anatomy, Chemistry, Math, or Nature knowledge, we have a Fluxx for those too! Aquarius is a great early math skills game for pre-K and kindergarten. Then there's Zendo; the Mensa Select-winning, critical thinking game where players compete to figure out the secret rule... using hypotheses and experiments that mirror the scientific method!

We're always trying to do something new and different with Fluxx but sometimes you just can't beat the classics. Pirate Fluxx and Zombie Fluxx were some of the first versions of Fluxx ever made. In fact, Zombie first introduced Creepers but Cthulhu Fluxx took them to a whole other level. And Star Fluxx was made as a loving sci-fi tribute when things like a Star Trek or Doctor Who Fluxx were just dreams!

You may not know this but we’ve made some lovely shirts featuring the artwork from some of our games. This year we’ve got a special treat for you: 20% off all our apparel using code HOLIDAY20 in our Merch Store. New designs are announced in our newsletter when available!

Head over to your Friendly Local Game Store, pick up some Looney Labs fun, and cross those names off your list! You're totally going to win the gift-buying game! And if you don't have a game store close to you, just head to our webstore - we have a bunch more games to choose from, along with some accessories and promo cards for hardcore fans. Thanks for giving our games as gifts this holiday season!