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eNews July 2016

Welcome to the July edition of succeed. I trust that each edition has something of interest for each of you. Remember, if there is something of particular value that you would like to see receive more attention, make sure you contact me and I will do what I can.

In this edition we welcome another guest contributor, Mr David Bell, Director of Sports & Activities at Toowoomba Grammar School. His article on sports coaches and the difficult discussions they sometimes need to have with players is certainly worth reading for those who are, or who are considering, taking on extra-curricular coaching roles at their schools. Thanks David!

Our weekly #MyEdOz Twitter chats are being well supported. Tune in on Thursday nights at 8pm to join the conversations. Thanks to our own Adam Somes for planning and hosting these chats.

A big shout out to our new partners who have come on board with the aim of not only creating valuable relationships with us as an Association, but also in the hope that we might be better able to jointly provide opportunities for members and member schools. You can find more information about Furnware, Queensland Edventures, Resilient Youth Australia and Latitude GroupTravel by clicking on each logo below.

Finally, a reminder of the APCAS event occurring on the 10th and 11th of September. See below for the current program and list of featured speakers. Early bird rates are still available so register now!

Hopefully your term has started well and is treating you well!

Matt Atkinson - Vice President


Check out the stellar line up of speakers at APCAS

Click here to read the APCAS program including all concurrent sessions.  

Be rewarded for your hard work

We invite you to support our annual partners; they have some great deals for educators!

Get in touch with Delia from Latitude Group Travel, mention Adolescent Sucess and she will save you $50 per person on travel outside of Australia AND put you in the draw to win a huge $20,000 discount on group travel.

Andrew Grant from Queensland Edventures is waiting to hear from you.  He can help you transform your outdoor education program.



Matt Diener from Furnware would love to give you a free consultation and discuss with you how to transform your classroom or school.  He knows how to create modern learning environments and is an expert at suggesting creative approaches to school furniture.  

Seven pitfalls to avoid during organisational transformation

The change journey is fraught with unknowns and the unexpected. Orchestrating organisational transformation in any large company is like launching a rocket into space. Much goes into preparations to be successful, but unforeseen factors like weather or wind pressure can affect the launch and flight path. A multitude of factors can misdirect the change program, resulting in delays, crashes, or becoming lost in orbit.

Most organizational transformation involves two components. First, they involve structural shifts that result in new processes, technology, organisation design, and governance structures. Second, there are behavioral changes that ensure employees embrace change and align their mental models and work patterns to amplify and sustain the impact of change.

However, leaders and their organisations can suffer from fear of failure and practiced incumbency, especially when embarking on an ambitious change initiative. So how do they 'get it right'?

The graphic highlights some of the issues which block effective organisational transformation. Have any of these occurred in your organisation? How do you ensure they don't?

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'Have you got a minute...?' How a coach can drop a player and minimise the fallout

There will always be claims of favouritism and unfairness when it comes to school sport and team selections. There will always be those players who are more talented or naturally gifted. But what happens when a chosen player is NOT performing? Do they need to be dropped so another player can play?

Toowoomba Grammar School Director of Sports and Activities, David Bell, suggests ways the coach can make difficult decisions and conduct the difficult discussions with athletes who need to be 'cut' from the team. 

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Four risk factors for burnout, and how to overcome them

Achieving work-life balance can be difficult for many people. Are you one of them? Personality, Social comparisons, and your level of understanding of local and broader cultures in which you find yourself, could all contribute to your feeling 'burnout'.   


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Four questions that encourage growth mindset among students

Teachers have long battled with how to get their students to become more resilient and improve their mindset. American professor, Carol Dweck, originated the concept of the Growth Mindset, which is a belief that ability is malleable and can be improved. But how do we develop that mindset in our students? Psychologist Bradley Busch explores four questions which might encourage students to escape a 'fixed-mindset' and strive for growth.

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Complacency ‘killing Australian education’

“If you look at our decline in the Program for International Student Assessment [PISA], we’re the Western country that’s systematically gone backwards for the last 12-14 years.” - Hattie.

Professors Hattie and Griffin suggest that the emphasis on high achievement has not worked in terms of educational outcomes and that the concept of success needs to be re-examined. 

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Unleashing the Power of the Creative Classroom

What is a creative classroom? Do you have one? What are creative learners? Do you have some? How would you define them? Can you? In this article the Global Digital Citizenship team discuss the four Ps of creative learners.

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Request for photos for the next journal

We would love to showcase your school/students in the November publication of the Australian Journal of Middle Schooling.

If you have any photos of your school, students or events which you'd like to submit please click here for the copyright release form.

This is a great way to showcase your school and students.

Many thanks for your support; it's shaping up to be a great publication!

Please email either our journal editor Anne Coffey at anne.coffey@nd.edu.auor executive officer Angela White at angela@adolescentsuccess.org.au.


11 Inspiring TED Talks for Modern Educators

This collection of talks was curated by Lisa Goochee, a 4th-grade teacher at the School of the Nations in Brasília, Brazil. 


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The periodic table of educational technology

Many readers will remember the periodic table of elements from high school. Many use it to this day as teachers. But this whimsical take on that important list (I remember we used to have to know the first 20 by heart) shows how much technology we have been exposed to over the years. How many have you heard of? How many do you use in your classrooms? Can you list 20?

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Exploring Teens Magazine

The latest Exploring Teens magazine has been published and, again, it is filled with excellent content for parents and teachers.  Subscription is free.

Adolescent Success is pleased to partner with this incredibly valuable publication.


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It is not what you think or say that defines you. It is what you do.   (Jane Austen)


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