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Dear Parents, Guardians and Children of EMTC and Futures Tennis Academy,

We write to alert you of an incident that occurred earlier this week (Monday 10 October) around 5.30 - 6.00pm in the carpark. A parent picking up their child noticed a male person acting inappropriately in his car in the car park.  The parent confronted the male and reported this to the police, and his wife phoned the club on Tuesday to advise us.

The Police have also been contacted by the Club and advised us that from a partial registration supplied they have a suspect.

The Club and Police want all members of our community to be aware and cautious in the car park.  You may feel it appropriate to collect your child from within the club grounds rather than have them come out to you in the carpark.

If anyone sees anything suspicious please report this either directly to us (9886 0858) or to the Malvern Police Station (8823 5600).

We also encourage parents to discuss this with their children if they believe it is appropriate.

While on the matter of child safety - we would like to remind everyone to be careful driving in and out of the carpark.  It can be extremely busy and crowded at lesson changeover times, and child safety should always be on your mind when in the carpark.  Please also observe the No Standing sign inside the entry/exit to the carpark.  If you park in this area your car will restrict the already tight entrance/exit point.

Thank you.