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Top 100 Golf Courses "BiteSize" - February 2016

Welcome to our February BiteSize update. This month we conclude our Continental European re-rankings where the Alpine regions of Austria and Switzerland are in focus along with forthcoming Ryder Cup nations, France and Italy. We’re continuing to grow our ranking lists for most European countries with Austria, France and Italy being no exception.

Our Editor headed to the Algarve earlier this month where he paid tribute to Sir Henry Cotton’s legacy at Penina (the region’s first course) and Benamor, which only opened in 2000, but was designed by Cotton before he died in 1987.

We’re grateful to two of our international correspondents, Javier Pintos and Hwa Young, who were instrumental in helping us to shape their national rankings. Argentina and South Korea may be poles apart but both countries have wonderful golf courses on offer for the intrepid travelling golfer.

Austrian and Swiss rankings undergo their biennial review

Top 100 Golf Courses continues its biennial ranking exercise for courses in European countries by taking a look at the Alpine nations of Austria and Switzerland. Both of these mountainous regions attract serious numbers of sporting visitors during the winter when the ski season is in full swing but the terrain also offers golfers a pleasantly different type of playing environment during the summer months.

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Golf in the Algarve – Sir Henry Cotton’s legacy

There can be absolutely no doubt about the quality of the golf courses that are strung out along the sunny southern shores of Portugal in the Algarve region. More than half the entries in our Portuguese Top 40 chart originate from this area and seven of those top tracks are included in our latest Continental European Top 100 listings.

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Monte Rei is Portugal's Number 1 Golf Course 2016-2017

Top 30 Golf Courses of Argentina 2016

Four years have passed since our last Argentine update and there are some well deserved new additions: Pueblo Estancia La Paz, La Estancia de Cafayate, Los Canales de Plottier, El Valle del Golf and Cañuelas Golf Club are five notable courses that we’ve added since our last edition. All five are great courses located in some of the most breathtaking landscapes in the country.

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Top 20 Golf Courses of South Korea 2016

First of all, there’s a new South Korean number 1, with South Cape Owners Club climbing three places from number 4 to reach the top of the chart. Located on Namhae Island, off the southeast coast of the mainland, this course also entered our recent World Top 100 at number 91 so there’s no denying the new-found status of this place as one of the best new golfing layouts on the planet.

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Top 100 Golf Courses of France 2016

There’s been a big shake up, a very big shake up in fact, with the re-ranking process that has produced the latest edition of our French chart.  We’ve recognised for a while now that we’ve hardly done justice to the large number of very good golf courses in France. We also realise this is a situation that goes back eight years to 2008, when we first began listing a small percentage of the country's top tracks.

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Top 50 Golf Courses of Italy 2016

Italy is the last of the major golfing nations in Europe to undergo a biennial review. It wasn’t exactly planned that way, as it’s taken a little longer than anticipated to garner all the data required to update our listings. Nevertheless, we think it’s been worth the wait because we’re now able to extend our coverage throughout the country with an additional twenty tracks, establishing an inaugural Top 50 chart.

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Have you read our new publication?

Top 100 Golf Courses of Scotland 2016-2017 was recently published in Kindle format, which can be enjoyed on any device with Kindle’s free App. This latest title in the Top 100 series is jam-packed full of previously unreleased material and it includes an insight from our Editor and Scottish Correspondent, Jim McCann, who has played every layout in the Scottish hundred.

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