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Airport Lynx HQ - an update

Claire Wombwell the secret weapon

Now that we are moving into Autumn, we thought it would be a good time to update you on you some changes here in the office. Claire Wombwell aka The Secret Weapon has now moved from being part time, to work with us full time. This has made life much easier for Katie, Jayne and Steve and we're very pleased to have her with us every day! Thank you for making life easier for us all Claire! 

Meet the Team - Samir Perseku

Meet the Team - Samir Perseku

This month’s driver is Samir Perseku who joined us earlier this year. You will find Samir driving one of our executive Mercedes. Samir is from Albania and has lived in the UK since 2000. He has a three year old daughter called Mia and an 18 month old son called Aron. When asked why Samir chose to join Airport Lynx he explained that he has some friends working here who had been talking about how good the company is and thought it was an added bonus that he would be able to drive around in style! Samir’s favourite place to drive to is London City airport, on the condition that it is outside of rush hour as that can make it a very slow journey! When Samir has the choice he will often listen to Radio 1 or Kiss as the coverage is good but once back in Cambridgeshire will always tune into BBC Radio Cambridgeshire. Read more...

Using car seats whilst travelling

Using Car Seats whilst travelling

Wherever it’s possible to do something for a customer, we’ll usually do anything that we can to meet their needs. As parents ourselves, we know that it is of paramount importance that our children are as safe as possible when travelling. Read more...

Making Easyjet work for business travel


Brace yourselves folks – I find myself in the ‘interesting’ position of writing positively about EasyJet. They’ve got some useful developments afoot which may make life much easier for people travelling for business. We do appreciate that they may not be the first air provider of choice as Easyjet isn’t exactly synonymous with luxury – but for some destinations they can be really useful. If you do find yourself travelling with them make sure you check out the options to make it as quick and smooth as possible. Read more...

Chauffeur Company of the Year 2016

Chauffeur company of the year

I’ve had the happy job of calling some of our customers in the last week, to ask for assistance with our application to be awarded Chauffeur Company of the Year 2016. We’ve been awarded Bronze and Silver in previous years, so we really are ‘Going for Gold’ this year. Armed with the support of our customers and their quotes, we really do hope that 2016 will be the year that we make it happen!

The national awards are the highlight of our social calendar. They are important to everyone at Airport Lynx because they give us an opportunity to measure how we are doing on a national scale. Read more...


Whilst we remember, we are now starting to take bookings for our twelve and sixteen seater mini coach during December. If you are travelling with your team or on a family outing and would like us to help you with getting there on time, please book sooner rather than later so that we can give you exactly what you're looking for. 

As ever, we are here for all your regular travel as well - please book by email, phone, website or app - whatever's easiest for you.

Have a great month,

Steve, Jayne and the Airport Lynx team.