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December is upon us, and it's time to get serious and figure out that perfect little something for all those folks on your gift list. No worries, we are here to make it easy with our HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE! There's a Looney Labs game that will make a fabulous present for ALL your special someones, whether they consider themselves "gamers" or not...surprise them with something they might not pick out for themselves! We bet they enjoy it! There are some great suggestions below, but don't feel shy about choosing something unexpected. We make all kinds of games for all kinds of people! Even Santa can't resist, see for yourself in this video!



We LOVE the holidays! It's the most wonderful time of the year, and we think Holiday Fluxx is the most wonderful game of the year! Holidays filled with gifts, candy, friends, and good cheer will put a smile on everyone's face. Bring them all together and mix them up to create some unforgettable memories with the game that's never the same twice!

Just Desserts is the fun, delicious-looking game of serving sweets! The gameplay is easy, but you can also spice things up using the advanced rules. Have a holiday party to go to and need a host gift? Need a Secret Santa gift for your co-worker who's always bringing in homebaked goodies? Just Desserts will wow them! If you want to go the extra mile, throw in a special, limited edition pack of Just Desserts buttons featuring the icons in the game - who wouldn't want to wear some cake or ice cream on their shirt? 

Batman Fluxx came out with a bang this summer, and we have been blown away by all the Batman fans out there! If you've got one in your inner circle, they won't be disappointed with this awesome version of Fluxx. Make it an extra-special gift and add the Two-Face Flip promo card and Batman coin - also makes a perfect stocking stuffer!  

Do they already have the entire Fluxx library? They will want the first-ever Fluxx expansion, Fluxx Dice, to add even more chaos to every turn! Fluxx Blanxx lets everyone get a little more creative by making up their own Goal, Action, Keeper, Creeper, New Rule, and Surprise cards! 

We have lots of friends and family who are just really REALLY into cartoons...and we can't blame them! We made THREE Fluxx games chock full of references to our favorite cartoons! Whether you choose Cartoon Network™ Fluxx, Regular Show™ Fluxx, or Adventure Time™ Fluxx (or W O W them and get ALL THREE), we're sure they're gonna love it. YEAH-UH! 

Retro Loonacy is the maniacal matching card game with super-amazing retrolicious artwork! No reading is necessary, so this one is great for all ages - and really, all kids should know what a rotary phone and VHS tape look like, right? They will love playing and learning at the same time! 

One of the many awesome things about Looney Labs games is their portability! We LOVE being able to throw the small boxes in a bag and GO. We know a lot of our fans feel the same way, so we've got a fun, portable bag that can fit up to 12  of our card games! Fill it up and you're ready for road trips, plane rides, picnics, hangouts, all kinds of gaming situations! You can even turn it into a little gift bag and throw some games inside for that special Looney Labs fan in your life! There are a few ways you can get this one: by itself, at a nice 50% discount, or FREE. YES, FREE!

For Cyber Monday, you can get this game bag for FREE with a $60 purchase in our webstore. Use code FREEBAG2015 at checkout. 

Beyond Cyber Monday, you can get the bag for 50% off with a $60 purchase in our webstore. Use code BAGDEAL50 at checkout.

Just want the bag because it's awesome? You can do that, too!

This beautiful lasercut birch game box woodburned with the Looney Labs logo made by our friends at Broken Token is just SO COOL, and will look amazing on your game table/coffee table/shelf! It's fun and easy to assemble (we like feeling like we are handy), and will hold 9 of our card game boxes PERFECTLY. And we're running an awesome special right now:

Get 20% off the wooden display box when you purchase $60 worth of games with it (one box per $60 worth of product, please). Enter code WDB20 at checkout.

Great suggestions, right? We thought so, too! Of course, there are bunches more games to choose from, so don't be shy about picking up whatever catches your eye. Now head over to your Friendly Local Game Store, pick up some Looney Labs fun, and cross those names off your list! Don't have a game store close to you? Head to our webstore for special offers and shop to your heart's content! You're so totally winning the gift-buying game - Santa will be proud.