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What's Patagonia, H&M and TOMS have in common?

When you support companies that pay fair wages, support conservation or refuse to do animal testing, it also says something positive about you. Patagonia, H&M and TOMS are all turning retail upside down with their care for people, planet and profits.

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Fast-food done right: Chipotle

Roadtrips and fast food go hand-in-hand during the summer. Why not make a positive choice for our world and our earth? Chipotle is a great option. Check out their mission: “Food With Integrity is our commitment to finding the very best ingredients raised with respect for the animals, the environment and the farmers.”

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America's Finest City Film Fest

August 2nd, 2014 - San Diego, CA

America's Finest Film Fest is back for its second year. For your viewing pleasure, the 1:1 Movement has collected 20 beautifully shot, high definition, short films that highlight the beauty and diversity of San Diego. Purchase Tickets »

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Eco-friendly Hotels For Your Summer Plans

Consider supporting hotels and resorts that have your same planet savvy values. The more people booking eco-friendly vacations will send a message to hoteliers worldwide that we value conservation and corporate social responsibility. Thereby, offering more value, choices and positive impact in our world, present and future.

Call To Action: Sustainable Seafood

"Seafood is one of our healthier protein options, but overfishing is desperately harming our oceans." — Chef Barton Seaver 

This is an easy fix. Just become more aware of your selections of seafood before ordering or purchasing your meal. Learn about where the fish are from and the fishing techniques used. The Monterey Bay Aquarium offers recommendations on seafood ‘Best Choice,' ‘Good Alternative,’ or ‘Avoid.’

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