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Travelling to an airport with family?

Avoid Airport boredom - set up a quiz!

If you're going to an airport with family over the coming weeks, you can avoid the 'I'm bored' monlogues by taking a couple of minutes to check out all that's available on site to entertain and distract everyone. A client recently told us that they made a list of the shop names, jumbled them up and set their children a challenge to see who can check them off as you trek to find your gate. What a brilliant idea! Feel free to use our Airport Guides at London City and London Gatwick South Terminal as a starting point for inspiration....

Meet the Team - Kevin Hobday

Meet the Team - Kevin Hobday

This month’s feature driver is Kevin Hobday, Kevin drives one of our Mercedes Vianos which is a large MPV. When I asked Kevin what he loved most about the Viano he explained that it is such a smooth vehicle to drive and glides down to Heathrow.
Kevin was born and raised in Bournemouth then moved back to Cambridge where his family were originally from at the age of 18.  At this point he embarked on a ten year career at Marshall Aerospace, here he held the role of apprenticeship aircraft electrical engineer. Kevin moved on to spend the rest of his working life based between the Science Park and Cottenham industrial estate as a service engineer. Read more....

Stansted meet and greet versus Airport Lynx chauffeur airport transfer service – which should you go for?

Stansted meet and greet vs Airport Lynx

At Airport Lynx HQ, we’ve been debating whether to get into the conversation about the ‘kerfuffle’ (that’s our technical phrase for it) at Stansted Airport last weekend or not. If you haven’t already heard about it, hundreds of returning holidaymakers were forced to “camp out” for hours after staff at a Stansted Airport valet service were unable to find customers’ cars or car keys.
The Meet & Greet service usually enables travellers to leave their car in safe hands while they are away. Unfortunately, there was a mistake last weekend which meant that many families were left without their cars for their journey home. Cambridge Evening News spoke to Sheila Short, who had just returned from a family holiday in Turkey. Read more...

Cambridge as a place for ‘Competitive Sightseeing’?

Cambridge Tourists - sightseeing competitions!

The city of Cambridge is known throughout the world for its 800 year old University, beautiful architecture and its reputation for excellence within the scientific and technology industries.  Coupled with fantastic transport links and venue options, the city is deservedly a popular conference destination.

All too often though, the companies who choose this historic city as their base, don’t get the chance to explore it and spend their time cooped up in the conference suite.  And no matter how fabulous that conference suite, this does seem a bit of a shame!
Getting the right balance of work and fun during a conference programme can be tricky but it is critical. Read more...

Office update

Office update - Airport Lynx HQ

Here in the office, we've had a busy summer supporting the local language schools in addition to our regular work with our business customers and families as they travel.

We're looking forward to another busy month in September and then moving into the Autumn season which we know is important for business customers before the Christmas break.

As ever, we are here if you'd like to book by email, phone, website or app - whatever's easiest for you.

Have a great month,

Steve, Jayne and the Airport Lynx team.