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Join Patak’s in a special edition Diwali takeover. Make this
year’s Festival of Lights shine bright with decorations,
recipes, and tips on how to celebrate in the new digital
magazine Festive Flavours: Everything you need to mix in a
little Diwali celebration.

Did you know that Diwali, also known as the Festival of
Lights is India’s biggest and most important holiday? We sat
down with Canadians to test their Diwali knowledge (or lack
thereof). See how they did.

Discover 5 simple ways to get your dinner table Diwali-ready
with help from blogger Masalamommas. From candles to
colourful serving platters, get ready for a Diwali celebration
like never before.

Nothing says Diwali quite like authentic vegetarian meals.
From the delightful crunch of samosas to the simmer of
Chickpea Butternut Squash, there’s no shortage of colourful
dishes to prepare.

After the candles are lit and the food is devoured; it’s time
to have some fun with colourful Rangoli patterns. Pick your
favourite and mix in a little colour.

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