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- Communications Policy and Regulation Week 2016, Bangkok​

​- IIC AGM for members

- Event calendar​​

- Q&A: Takorn Tantasith, Secretary General of the NBTC, Thailand

- News from the Americas 

- News from Asia Pacific​

- News from Europe​

- InterMedia  - Taking Stock of 5G

- Your feedback

Hello ,

Taking Stock of 5G: Hype Versus Reality

The global race is on to develop 5G, the fifth generation of mobile network. While 5G follows in the footsteps of 4G and 3G, scientists seem more excited with this generation.  In his recent article in InterMedia, Marc Beishon evaluates the progress and asks whether 5G really qualifies as a great leap in integrated evolution.  Read Taking Stock of 5G.

5G and Spectrum are just one of the many themes covered by the IIC.  Communications Policy and Regulation Week is a full programme of talks, workshops, case studies and networking events.  This year the Annual Conference will focus on trends in converged communications: new tipping points, new digital policies and strategies and the International Regulators' Forum will look at the regulator’s role in the digital transformation of society.

I hope to see you in Bangkok next month.

With best wishes,


Andrea Millwood Hargrave
Director General

Upcoming Events

Communications Policy and Regulation Week

This year the International Regulators’ Forum (IRF) and the 47th Annual Conference will be in Bangkok focusing on digital transformation of society, new tipping points, policies and strategies and the role the regulator could or should play.

There are also three workshops being organised during the Week. They are free to attend but you do need to register for them as space is limited.

Register here for any of the CPR Week events listed below

International Regulators Forum

The Digital Transformation of Society

• The demands of convergence
• Cross sectoral regulation
• Levelling the playing field: The Challenges
• Connecting the unconnected
• Spectrum: what is 5G and what does it mean for the regulator?

47th Annual Conference

Trends in Converged Communications

Over two days delegates will hear keynote talks, panel discussions, case studies and break-out sessions examining...

• Priorities for regulators adapting to digital transformation
• Linking ICT policy and regulation with Sustainable Development Goals and inclusive growth
• Business and policy models in the new digital economy to add value and opportunity for all
• Stimulating high quality, market-driven, accessible digital content in a highly competitive OTT world
• Evolving priorities, consumption patterns, and attitudes to privacy, security and freedom of the digital citizen and the digital consumer

Plus: national connectivity case studies

Workshop1: Collaboration to Eliminate Spam and Nuisance Communications

Free for Conference and IRF delegates

The issue of spam and nuisance communications is a priority for many governments, and one where international collaboration is needed in areas of policy, regulation, and enforcement.

Workshop 2: Building a Sustainable Advertising Policy Framework

By invitation only

This invitation only workshop will examine issues around creating a responsible and sustainable advertising policy framework for the region. We will look at progress made since the APEC Action Agenda on Advertising Standards and Practice Development was published in 2014.

If you would like to take part in this workshop please contact us for an invitation

Workshop 3: Driving Towards Industry 4.0

Free to conference and IRF delegates

The 'Fourth Industrial Revolution' or Industry 4.0 is the term used to refer to the total digital integration of a value chain from end to end. That is, all the data created by the use of differing digital technologies brought together and analysed to push forward the development of digital ecosystems. This workshop will explore the policy implications.

Event Calendar

4 October The Challenge of Cyber Security Singapore IIC Chapter Event
10-11 October International Regulators Forum Bangkok IIC Global event

12-13 October 

47th Annual Conference Bangkok IIC Global event
11 October Workshop: Eliminating Spam and Nuisance Communications Bangkok IIC Global event
13 October Workshop: Building an Advertising Policy Framework Bangkok IIC Global event
13 October IIC AGM for members Bangkok For members only
14 October Workshop: Driving Towards Industry 4.0 Bangkok IIC Global event
16 November What will be the UK's 'red lines' in the Brexit negotiations? London IIC Chapter event
16-17 November Canadian Chapter Conference Ottawa IIC Chapter event
25 November Italy Chapter event:  20th Anniversary Rome IIC Chapter event
29-30 November Telecommunications and Media Forum  Washington DC 

IIC Global event




Mr. Takorn Tantasith, Secretary General of NBTC, Thailand

  1. This Commission’s term ends in 2017. What do you hope will be seen as the three key changes that you have made for the sectors you regulate?
  2. What sorts of challenges do you think a new Commission will face?
  3. Many meetings, both international and regional, are held in Thailand. What is the NBTC’s role on the Asian stage? Are there great disparities between countries or are there more similarities than differences? Can you expand on this please?
  4. The NBTC will host the forthcoming IIC international Regulators Forum (IRF), and I know that the Commission has been a long-time supporter of the Institute. What do you hope the IRF will achieve?

See Mr Tantasith's answers


Regional Updates

The IIC has a number of directors in various regions of the world. These are dedicated TMT professionals who work with the IIC on a voluntary basis to share knowledge, facilitate relationships and create long-term bonds between regulatory authorities and the businesses they regulate.  Here we bring you news from these regions.


Canadian Chapter Conference, Ottawa

16-17 November, Ottawa

The event will deal with the development of an innovation agenda for the Canadian communications and media sector.
More information available shortly


CommsDay Melbourne Congress

4-5 October 2016, Langham Hotel, Melbourne

2017 is set to be a major year of change in telecommunications. Spectrum and USO reforms are on the way, and the ACCC is reviewing the entire market structure.  Communications Day is a supporting organisation for the IIC's 47th Annual Conference in Bangkok where these and other issues will be discussed in a global context.

ACMA Research - Digital Lives of Older Australians

The ACMA has released research that aims to explore the levels of online engagement of older Australians (those aged 65 and over). It examines various measures of digital engagement, including internet access, frequency and location of internet use, as well as the devices used to access the internet and the activities undertaken online. This snapshot also discusses differences in demographic profiles of older internet users and non-users.  See more here

The Challenge of Cyber Security

4 October 2016, co-hosted by the IIC, ICANN and TRPC
ICANN Singapore, South Beach Tower

In a world of connected devices, cyber security is an ever present concern at all levels.  Increasingly, governments are introducing security surveillance laws that go way beyond the legal right to investigage suspicious persons or transactions. Join us as our speakers address concerns and strategies at policy making and regulation level.  To reserve your place contact Michael Khoo (michael@trpc.biz)

Digital Thailand in Motion

In September the new Digital Economy and Society Ministry will be officially launched, replacing the Information and Communication (ICT) Ministry. The new ministry will oversee promotion and implementation of activities related to a digital economy and society. See more


What will be the UK’s ‘’red lines” in the Brexit negotiations on digital issues?

16 November 2016, co-hosted by the IIC and Frontier Economics
Frontier Economics, Mid City Place, 71 High Holborn, London WC1V 6DA

Now that dust has somewhat settled, and a new government is in place, we can start looking into what Brexit means for the UK and its digital policy. There are many questions and concerns, but there may also be potential positives.  To book your place at what promises to be a lively discussion contact Megan Warner (m.warner@iicom.org)

Future policy approaches to the convergence of privacy and security

An IIC Chapter Meeting in association with The Internet Society - July 2016

Earlier in the summer, the UK chapter hosted a meeting to discuss the implication of measures for ensuring data privacy and security. A video of the meeting can be seen here


IIC Italy: 20th Anniversary

25 November 2016, organised in association with AGCOM, Rome

The conference will be an occasion to highlight the major milestones in the twenty years of activity of the Chapter and set up the basis for future accomplishments in the communications industry and policy. Find out more


Members receive InterMedia, the IIC’s quarterly journal. It reviews key developments in telecommunications and media policy, regulatory affairs, emergent ICT trends and, especially, the impact of the internet across the entire ecosystem.

This month's featured article: Taking Stock of 5G

The hype about the next generation of mobile technology is likely to gather pace in the next few years, but currently there is a lot of scepticism about whether it qualifies as an integrated, great leap in progress, as Marc Beishon finds in this round-up. InterMedia July 2016, Volume 44, Issue 02

See index of articles 2014-2016

Marc Beishon is editor of InterMedia and a seasoned technology journalist who was, among other roles, a senior editor on New Scientist. Contact Marc at m.beishon@iicom.org



We’d be interested to hear your views on any of these stories so email Andrea Millwood Hargrave with any comments and we’ll publish a selection of viewpoints.

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