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Exclusive E-Motion Video

Watch this exclusive free video featuring Bruce Lipton


to view our first 30-minute episode of Alternate Health

The E-Motion team is excited to release their first free Alternate Health webinar with Dr Bruce Lipton PhD.

Bruce is a world renowned Scientist and well-being expert and his collaboration with the team at E-Motion explores the science of Epigenetics and how genes can be manipulated through our perception and response to the environment.

Our webinars build on the new paradigm created by E-Motion the movie and our team is passionate about brining you free, cutting edge new concepts and experts to explore.

Each of our Alternate Health webinars will be presented by E-Motion star, Ty Hungerford, and can be viewed here


What we are Reading

The Honeymoon Effect by Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D.

In the latest offering from best-selling author and renowned cell biologist Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D.,

The Honeymoon Effect reveals how we manifest euphoric, blissful E-Motions when experiencing true love—and the reasons why we lose them over time.

Bruce provides a clear explanation of how to modify your subconscious programming and transform your most fundamental patterns in order to reclaim the Honeymoon Effect in your life.

The book also contains a list of 27 alternate healing modalities you can use to raise your vibration and clear unwanted negative E-Motions.

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Free 25min E-Motion Preview

The world wide response to E-Motion has been incredible, we have received some amazing feedback. It was our vision to capture the broad scope of information available to everyone in regards to emotional release. We have been so pleased to hear the positive response the E-Motion film has had for so many of our viewers. If you have not had the chance to view the movie, please feel free to enjoy this 25 minute preview of E-Motion