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Monica Thors is sadly a hot topic for wrong reasons

This past week Harnesslink was the only racing media source to run with the story of the alleged animal abuse charges that have been brought about against Standardbred trainer Monica Thors in New Jersey.

We must all remember that there are always two sides to every story.

The video first shown by CBS Eyewitness News in Philadelphia last week were very graphic. They showed one of her horses that could barely walk, huge bandages on both front feet, having to hang from a sling in the barn in order to have its bandages changed.

Monica Thors spoke about how she made a mistake of trimming her horses’ hooves too close to blood veins and the glue she uses on the horse shoes caused severe blood poisoning. You can understand the first time a mistake has been made. Then it was announced that two other horses had already died this year under Monica’s care from glue infections and another from a heart attack.

Within 48 hours of Harnesslink posting the story, a Facebook page called Stop Monica Thors was set up and after three days had 8,500 followers. While many were just sounding off against Monica, many were also doing research and it was posted that numerous times state agencies came to her farm, filed that animal abuse was taking place, but nothing was done about it. The reports date back to early 2013. The evidence is overwhelmingly against Monica Thors.

People in our sport have great passion for the horse. Most would take a beating themselves before allowing a horse to be abused. They will be relentless in making sure within the confines of the law, these atrocities be stopped and those involved be accounted for.

At one time, after first arriving in the USA from Sweden, Monica Thors was a world-class equine photographer. She shot photos of every major event in harness racing and also was the premier stallion portrait photographer.

It is in the best interest of all concerned that Monica Thors considers going back to photography and does not handle horses again.

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AU: It's not too late

If you haven’t had your harness racing mare served, or are still undecided whether you will breed this season, it’s not too late to book a sire.

While the common belief among breeders is broodmares should be served before December, statistic show 'late' foals are not disadvantaged.

An interesting review of foal dates reveals there is no evidence an early foal has an advantage over late foals.

A late foal is defined as being born between December and February.

The comparative statistics for early versus late foals certainly make interesting reading, particularly when acknowledging most foals are bred for personal use and not commercial sale:

  • 2yo born Sept - Nov average starts per starter = 5.17
  • 2yo born Dec - Feb average starts per starter = 5.00
  • 3yo born Sept - Nov average starts per starter = 9.13
  • 3yo born Dec - Feb average starts per starter = 8.72
  • 2yo born Sept - Nov % winners to starters = 31.34%
  • 2yo born Dec - Feb % winners to starters = 32.93%
  • 3yo born Sept - Nov % winners to starters = 46.53%
  • 3yo born Dec - Feb % winners to starters = 44.58%

NZ Stallion levy idea garners wide support

Recently we did an opinion piece on the dire state of the breeding industry in New Zealand and that if something wasn't done soon then the industry as we know would not survive.

We proposed a stallion levy of 5% of the advertised service fee of any stallion serving mares in New Zealand be it by fresh or frozen semen for every mare that was served.

The aim was to create a breeding fund so that every time a horse in New Zealand won a race, a fixed amount would be placed in an account in the name of the breeder of that winner.

Come the breeding season each year, breeders would be able to access funds in their breeding accounts to offset stud fees.

By doing so we hoped to keep breeders in the game and encourage new entrants.

Of course there are a myriad of details that need to be worked out but we thought the debate needed to be started.

While we expected a bit of negative feedback, we have been amazed by the level of positive support especially from some of the major power brokers in the industry.

So we now propose to develop the idea further and would welcome ideas from the wider industry.

From all the feedback we have received, this is an idea that has struck a chord. Get involved, have your say. Contact us.

Paying to enter a track is a backward step

One of the things that really irks the staff at Harnesslink is the concept of charging to get into the races.

We put up with it for New Zealand Cup week because for once they have a captive audience but for 95% of the year, Addington does not charge an entry fee to go to the races. Racebooks are free as they were last Friday night when our reporter went to Addington.

Imagine his surprise then on going to the races at Geraldine on Saturday and because it was part of the Xmas at the races promotion there was a $5 entry fee.

Now they had a huge crowd on track due it being a major community event in the district but like a lot of trotting enthusiasts who travel to the meeting, our reporter was less than impressed as were countless other people who raised the matter with him during the day.

It is not the issue of how much is charged, it is the concept of charging per say.

Our major competition for the gambling dollar in New Zealand are the casinos who rightly in our view take the opposite view of trying to attract customers to their establishments by way of subsidizing food and drink.

They would never consider charging you to enter their business.

Is it any wonder we are losing market share to the casinos.

Xmas at the races is a great concept but if the only way it can survive is by charging at the gate then we think it is doing more harm than good.

Stallion Review - Western Ideal
Western Ideal
Western Ideal

Western Ideal 1:48 ($1,455,422) is one of the all-time best bred stallions in the world. He is by the great Western Hanover 1:50.4 ($2,541,647) from the two-year-old Breeders Crown winner and millionaire mare Leah Almahurst 1:52.3 ($1,053,201). Leah Almahurst is by Abercrombie from Liberated Angel by Meadow Skipper from Angel Hair by Bret Hanover from K Nora.

Western Ideal's first dam Leah Almahurst only produced five foals for four winners. Besides Western Ideal 1:48 ($1,455,422) she left the No Nukes stallion Make A Deal 1::50.2 ($610,249) sire of 540 eligible to race for 213 winners of $10,481,350 in purses, the Western Hanover stallion Western Hero 1:51.3 ($182,309) sire of 262 eligible to race for 135 winners of $8,356,697 in purses, the No Nukes mare Cheer Me Up 1:56.2f ($49,181) dam of Rob Roy Mattgregor 1:49.3 ($612,751) now at stud, Predator DVM 1:50.2s ($608,510) and grand-dam of many winners, and the unraced Jate Lobell mare Best Of Memories the dam of two millionaires, Mr Feelgood 1:49 ($3,366,157) and Remember When 1:50.3s ($1,245,718).

Western Ideal's second and third dams Liberated Angel and Angel Hair have left many winners and dams of winners, most notable though are Leah Almahurst 1:52.3 ($1,053,201) and Naughty But Nice 1:54f ($1,062,197) just to mention two.


Western Ideal's pedigree is as good as it gets in the breeding game. Royalty at its best and the influence of the pedigree throughout the harness racing world is undeniable and will dominate the breeding industries best broodmare bands and stallions throughout the world for many years to come.


2 Year Old

Western Ideal didn't exactly set the world on fire as a two-year-old. His best win was in a $23,675 division of the Pennsylvania Sires Stakes in 1:54.3. He ran second in a $59,025 division of the Nassagaweya Stakes at Mohawk in 1:54.1 and was third in a $60,000 division of the Fox Stakes at the Indiana State Fair in 1:53.2. All up a pretty average two-year-old record for a horse who was so dominant later on in life.

Starts - 9, Wins - 3, Seconds - 4, Thirds - 1, Stakes $57,452, best time PL 1:53.2.

Western Ideal did not race as a three-year-old to injury.

4 Year Old

Western Ideal had another very average season after his long layoff. His best efforts were in the $250,000 Prix d'Automne where he ran third to Dragon Again in 1:50.4. Western Ideal also ran third in an elimination of the American National Pace in 1:50.1. His most lucrative payday was when he ran fourth to Red Bow Tie ($2,673,920) in the $600,000 William Haughton Memorial Pace, clocking 1:49.4. Nothing he did at four gave any hint of the monster that Western Ideal was to become at five.

Starts - 22, Wins - 4, Seconds - 2, Thirds - 5, Stakes - $177,970, best time PL 1:49.4.

5 Year Old

Western Ideal's first start of any note for the season was in a $50,000 division of the Graduate Series where he finished fifth. It was to be the only time that Western Ideal didn't finish first or second for the rest of his five-year-old season. At his next start he won the $325,000 final of the Graduate in 1:48.3 over Dragon Again ($2,343, 428). He ran second in his heat of the William Haughton in 1:49.1 before coming out and winning the $615,000 final in 1:48.3 over his old adversary, Dragon Again. He was then beaten by Dragon Again in a $50,000 invitational at the Meadowlands a week before the Breeders Crown. However the next week in the $440,000 Breeders Crown final Western Ideal proved too strong for Royalflush Hanover ($2,182,205) and Dragon Again in 1:48.

Watch - 2000 Breeders Crown

Western Ideal was then surprisingly beaten in the $350,000 US Pacing Championships by Space Shuttle ($728,695) in 1:47.4. That was to be the last defeat for Western Ideal as he won his last three career starts.

The first of those was in a $50,000 heat of the Canadian Pacing Derby in 1:49.4 over Royalflush Hanover before he came back a week later and took out the $600,000 final of the Canadian Pacing Derby in 1:49 over Day In A Life ($1,863,602). Western Ideal ended his season and his career with a win in an open at Lexington in 1:48.3. At the end of that season Western Ideal was voted the Dan Patch older "Pacing Horse of the Year" for 2000.

Starts - 14, Wins - 10, Seconds - 3, Thirds - 0, Stakes - $1,220,000, best time - 1:48.

Overall Record

Starts - 45, Wins - 17, Seconds - 9, Thirds - 6, Stakes - $1,455,422, best time - 1:48.


Western Ideal was a very ordinary two-year-old who was hurt and didn't race at three. He came back as a four-year-old and while competitive was again quite a way off the best that he faced that season. At five there was a transformation from nice horse to champion. Western Ideal won 10 from just 14 starts along with 3 seconds to completely dominate the older division that year. As mentioned in this review he faced some tremendous racehorses that year and that gave Western Ideal's performances at five that stamp of real class.


Western Ideal 1:48 ($1,455,422) was bred to be good being a son of the great Western Hanover from the outstanding Abercrombie mare Leah Almahurst 1:52.3 ($1,053,201). Western Ideal was the real deal on the racetrack as an older horse and is now firmly established as one of the most elite sires in harness racing history.

Western Ideal has never served big crops and has only been at stud for 10 years with the most number of foals bred in one season at 106 in 2009.

His best colt performers are headed by Rocknroll Hanover 1:48.3 ($3,069,093), Vintage Master 1:48.1 ($2,160,953), Western Ace 1:48.4 ($1,891,133), Dial Or Nodial 1:48.3 ($1,629,777), Big Jim 1:49.1 ($1,541,924), Always A Virgin 1:48.4 ($1,135,559), Palone Ranger 1:49.4 ($1,259,545), Kindly Poet 1:49.2 ($1,007,370), and American Ideal 1:47.4 ($855,928).

Watch - 2005 Meadowlands Pace - Rocknroll Hanover

His best fillies are Cabrini Hanover 1:51s ($1,473,279), Krispy Apple 1:49.1m ($1,141,817), Special Sweetheart 1:50.4 ($907,901) and Ideal Weather 1:49.3s ($854,074), Good News Lady 1:51.1 ($780,418), Lightening Treasure 1:50f ($772,689) and Naughtytiltheend 1:49.3s ($699,021).

Western Ideal's first crop were born in 2002 and are New Jersey bred

He produced 86 foals, 48 colts and 38 fillies.

This crop is headed by the sensational triple millionaire and now great sire Rocknroll Hanover 1:48.3 ($3,069,093), the super two and three-year-old filly Cabrini Hanover 1:51s ($1,473,729), the outstanding American Ideal 1:47.4 ($855,928), Brokaw 1:50.3 ($610,872), Western Bay 1:51.3 ($578,425), Upscale Hanover 1:50.4f ($555,499) and Dawn Ofa New Day 1:50.3s ($501,066).

It is interesting to note that Western Ideal only produced the one filly, the great Cabrini Hanover 1:51s ($1,473,729), in his top 11 richest earners in this first crop.

Western Ideal's richest and best son, Rocknroll Hanover, has already produced the winners of over $71,882,847 to date. He has 538 race winners, 54 in better than 1:50 and eight millionaires including three outstanding sons at stud, A Rocknroll Dance 1:47.2s ($2,441,164), Rocknroll Heaven 1:47.3 ($2,774,478) and Pet Rock 1:47 ($1,985,820).

Western Ideal's second best son from this his first crop, is the outstanding American Ideal 1:47.4 ($855,928) who has also produced 341 race winners in North America that have purse earnings of $32,630,492 to date. He has left five millionaires and 14 performers that have broken the 1:50 mark. American Ideal has also produced 62 Australian bred winners of $2,536,702 and in New Zealand he has produced 91 winners of $2,202,377 to date.

Western Ideal has another son at stud from this crop called Dawn Ofa New Day 1:50.3s ($501,066). This stallion originally stood at stud in North America before being exported to Australia. In North America he produced 47 winners from 72 foals born for $2,316,042 in purses. In Australia Dawn Of A New Day has produced 303 live foals for 55 winners from 102 starters of $2,211,819 in purses.

Western Ideal first crop - Eligible to race - 86

Winners - 61

$1,000,000+ - 2

$750,000+ - 3

$500,000+ - 7

$250,000+ - 13

$100,000+ - 31

Sub 1:50 - 3

Average earnings per starter $203,374.

Average earnings per eligible horse - $160,807

Total earnings to date $13,829,404

Western Ideal's second crop were born in 2003 and are New Jersey bred

He produced 91 foals, 60 colts and 31 fillies.

This crop is headed by the good FFA star Western Ace 1:48.4 ($1,924,290), Palone Ranger 1:49.4 ($1,315,354), Kindly Poet 1:49.4s ($1,026,640), Ideal Weather 1:49.3s ($854,074), Armbro Deuce 1:50.2 ($811,357) and Enhance The Night 1:50.4f ($566,272).

Western Ideal has two sons from this second crop that are at stud and they are Palone Ranger 1:49.4 ($1,315,354) and Armbro Deuce 1:50.2 ($811,357). Palone Ranger stood in Indiana and has two crops old enough to race to date. He has produced 56 foals old enough to race for 15 race winners of $449,522 in purses to date. Armbro Deuce has stood in Canada and has five crops old enough to race for 81 race winners from 178 eligible to race for $2,714,239 in purses.

Interesting again to see that Western Ideal's second crop produced two-third colts and as a result he only produced two fillies in his top eleven richest earners. They were Ideal Weather 1:49.3s ($854,074) and Enhance the Night 1:50.4f ($566,272)

Western Ideal's second crop eligible to race - 90

Winners - 64

$1,000,000+ - 3

$750,000+ - 5

$500,000+ - 6

$250,000+ - 13

$100,000+ - 30

Sub 1:50 - 7

Average earnings per starter $175,199

Average earnings per eligible horse - $144,053

Total earnings to date $12,964,733

Western Ideal's third crop were born in 2004 and are New Jersey bred

He produced 88 foals, 43 colts and 45 fillies from 108 mares bred..

Western Ideal's top performer from this crop is the Cane Pace winner Always A Virgin 1:48.4 ($1,135,559) now a very promising sire in North America. Always A Virgin who is standing at stud in Indiana is the sire of 276 foals old enough to race for 156 race winners of $10,022,561 to date. Always A Virgin has also stood at stud in Australia with the oldest crop of 105 foals just turned three-year-olds on the 1st of September 2014. That crop has produced 15 winners of $232,925 in stakes to date.

Other good performers from Western Ideal's third crop are Ghees House 1:50.4f ($893,663), the ill-fated Artriverderci 1:51.3s ($706,751), Idealic Life 1:51.3f ($515,300), Kinetic Yankee 1:51 ($505,138), Ideal Vintage 1:50.2 ($503,811) and Western Smoocher 1:49.1 ($472,292).

It is interesting again to see that Western Ideal only produced two fillies in this crop that made the top eleven richest earners. They were Calgary Hanover 1:53.2s ($448,290) and Current Hanover 1:50.3 ($380,248).

Western Ideal's third crop eligible to race - 86

Winners - 56

$1,000,000+ - 1

$750,000+ - 2

$500,000+ - 6

$250,000+ - 15

$100,000+ - 32

Sub 1:50 - 3

Average earnings per starter $174,980

Average earnings per eligible horse - $134,287

Total earnings to date $11,548,705

Western Ideal's fourth crop were born in 2005 and are New Jersey bred

He produced 83 foals, 36 colts and 47 fillies from 113 mares bred.

The six richest earners from this fourth crop of Western Ideal are all fillies, Good News Lady 1:51.1 ($780,418), Lightning Treasure 1:50f ($772,689), Knock Three Times 1:51 ($653,717), Ideal Newton 1:50 ($629,533), Ideal Nectarine 1:50 ($607,445) and Alice's Restaurant 1:51.1f ($599,292).

Not a millionaire in this crop but it still averages $121,682 per foal born.

Western Ideal's fourth crop eligible to race - 83

Winners - 59

$1,000,000+ - 0

$750,000+ - 2

$500,000+ - 7

$250,000+ - 16

$100,000+ - 23

Sub 1:50 - 3

Average earnings per starter $150,740

Average earnings per eligible horse - $121,682

Total earnings to date $10,099,602

Western Ideal's fifth crop were born in 2006 and are New Jersey bred

He produced 94 foals, 54 colts and 40 fillies from 121 mares bred.

Western Ideal produced a double millionaire and a millionaire from this fifth crop. They are Vintage Master 1:48.1f ($2,162,979) now at stud in Canada and the very good gelding Dial Or Nodial 1:48.3f ($1,686,644) who is still racing in the top classes today. Vintage Master's oldest foals are two-year-olds in North America in 2014 and they number 47 in total.

Watch - 2009 Delvin Miller Adios - Vintage Master

Besides these two millionaires Western Ideal also left the extra good mare Special Sweetheart 1:50.4 ($907,901), Vertical Horizon 1:49.3f ($860,588), Twist N Clout p2; 1:53.2 ($564,484), Dawns Legacy 1:50.3f ($480,778) and Ideal Danny 1:50.3f (415,261).

Western Ideal's fifth crop eligible to race - 91

Winners - 68

$1,000,000+ - 2

$750,000+ - 4

$500,000+ - 5

$250,000+ - 14

$100,000+ - 36

Sub 1:50 - 7

Average earnings per starter $184,033

Average earnings per eligible horse - $155,720

Total earnings to date $14,170,553

Western Ideal's sixth crop were born in 2007 and are New Jersey bred

He produced 106 foals, 53 colts and 53 fillies from 125 mares bred.

Western Ideal produced no millionaires in this crop that was headed by Foreign Officer 1:49.4f ($783,109), Naughtytiltheend 1:49.3s ($699,021), Lorrie Please 1:50.2f ($557,334), Ideal Matters 1:49f ($443,304), Rafferty Hanover 1:51.3h ($373,579) and P Note Blue Chip 1:51.1s ($316,395).

This crop of 106 foals born was Western Ideal's biggest number of foals born in one season throughout his breeding career to date.

Western Ideal's sixth crop eligible to race - 102

Winners - 66

$1,000,000+ - 0

$750,000+ - 1

$500,000+ - 3

$250,000+ - 9

$100,000+ - 27

Sub 1:50 - 6

Average earnings per starter $104,955

Average earnings per eligible horse - $85,405

Total earnings to date $8,711,285

Western Ideal's seventh crop were born in 2008 and are New Jersey bred

He produced 83 foals, 44 colts and 39 fillies from 108 mares bred.

Heading this group for Western Ideal is the Breeders Crown winner and millionaire Big Jim 1:49.1 (as a two-year-old) making Big Jim the fastest two-year-old in history when taking his record mile. Big Jim won $1,544,580 lifetime in purses. He is now at stud in Canada and he shuttles to Australia. He has no foals old enough to race yet.

Western Ideal also left another millionaire in this crop the outstanding mare Krispy Apple 1:48.4f ($1,234,659). Others to have performed well in this group are Honky Tonk Woman 1:50.2s ($559,532), High Noon 1:49.3 ($485,881)

Western Ideal's seventh crop eligible to race - 81

Winners - 56

$1,000,000+ - 2

$750,000+ - 2

$500,000+ - 3

$250,000+ - 7

$100,000+ - 20

Sub 1:50 - 5

Average earnings per starter $135,947

Average earnings per eligible horse - $104,058

Total earnings to date $8,428,705

Western Ideal's eighth crop were born in 2009 and are New Jersey bred

He produced 88 foals, 46 colts and 42 fillies from 113 mares bred.

The mare Pirouette Hanover 1:50.3 ($607,694) heads this crop followed by I Fought Dalaw 1:49.3f ($441,259), Ideal Champ 1:49 ($376,101), Veroad 1:50f ($356,360) and Ideal In Vegas 1:50 ($311,440).

Western Ideal's eighth crop eligible to race - 84

Winners - 60

$1,000,000+ - 0

$750,000+ - 0

$500,000+ - 1

$250,000+ - 6

$100,000+ - 27

Sub 1:50 - 7

Average earnings per starter $105,295

Average earnings per eligible horse - $86,493

Total earnings to date $7,265,387

Western Ideal's ninth crop were born in 2010 and are New Jersey bred

He produced 101 foals, 48 colts and 53 fillies from 134 mares bred which is the most mares that Western Ideal ever bred in one season.

This crop are four-year-olds and is headed by the very good gelding Lucan Hanover 1:48f ($636,533), the top mare Jerseylicious 1:50.1 ($589,400), the good open horse Word Power 1:49.3 ($506,224) and the mare Authorize 1:50.3 ($386,016).

Western Ideal's ninth crop eligible to race - 100

Winners - 75

$1,000,000+ - 0

$750,000+ - 0

$500,000+ - 3

$250,000+ - 6

$100,000+ - 18

Sub 1:50 - 4

Average earnings per starter $87,384

Average earnings per eligible horse - $69,034

Total earnings to date $6,903,368

Western Ideal's tenth crop were born in 2011 and are New Jersey bred

He produced 72 foals, 31 colts and 41 fillies from 96 mares bred.

These foals are three-year-olds and are headed by the very promising Luck Be Withyou 1:48f ($696,291), the filly Act Now 1:49.3 ($497,703) and the exceptional two-year-old from 2013 Western Vintage p2; 1:49.4 ($412,875) who is now retired to stand stud in Ohio in 2015.

Western Ideal's tenth crop eligible to race - 66

Winners - 43

$1,000,000+ - 0

$750,000+ - 0

$500,000+ - 1

$250,000+ - 3

$100,000+ - 4

Sub 1:50 - 4

Average earnings per starter $56,176

Average earnings per eligible horse - $44,260

Total earnings to date $2,921,171

Western Ideal's eleventh crop were born in 2012 and are New Jersey bred

He produced just 50 foals, 26 colts and 24 fillies from 71 mares bred.

This crop are two-year-olds in 2014 and is headed by the outstanding colts Artspeak 1:50.2s ($805,727), winner of the elimination and $667,000 final of the Metro Pace and the final of the $565,000 Governors Cup at Woodbine in Canada and Traceur Hanover 1:50.3 ($423,475) the winner of the elimination and final of the $500,000 Breeders Crown at the Meadowlands. Artspeak is a shoe-in for two-year-old colt of the year.

As of right now at the 28th November 2014 Western Ideal is the number one sire of two-year- olds (with 50 or more foals) for average earnings per starter in North America with $59,072.

Western Ideal's eleventh crop eligible to race - 66

Winners - 16

$1,000,000+ - 0

$750,000+ - 1

$500,000+ - 1

$250,000+ - 2

$100,000+ - 3

Sub 1:50 - 0

Average earnings per starter $59,073

Average earnings per eligible horse - $37,372

Total earnings to date $1,831,249


Eligible to race - 918

Winners - 624

$1,000,000+ - 10

$750,000+ - 20

$500,000+ - 43

$250,000+ - 104

$100,000+ - 251

Sub 1:50 - 48

Average earnings per starter $135,541

Average earning per eligible horse - $107,488

Total earnings to date $98,674,162


However you look at the stud career of Western Ideal, the record he has created is nothing short of outstanding. From his first crop which averaged $203,374 per starter through to his 11th crop which contained just 26 colts and yet still managed to produce the two best two-year-olds in North America in 2014, Artspeak 1:50.2 ($805,727) and Traceur Hanover 1:50.3 ($423,475) is remarkable and phenomenal.

Western Ideal has left an outstanding legacy with crop after crop of elite level colts and fillies. Stats such as 10 Millionaires - 20 $750,000 winners - 251 $100,000 winners - 48 in 1:50 and all from crops that are smaller most years than his competition makes Western Ideal one of the most successful sires in the history of this sport.


Only available via frozen semen which has resulted in Western Ideal having just three crops of three-year-old or older which total just 13 foals. As of today Western Ideal has had 3 winners from those 13 foals with the best of them being Eye Catching 1:56.8 ($38,730).


Western Ideal is also only available in New Zealand via frozen semen. The oldest crop in New Zealand are four-year-old and that crop numbers just 10 foals. Of those, 7 have qualified and four have been winners. What is surprising is the class of the winners from such a small crop. Last year's star three-year-old filly Raksdeal 1:54.9 ($121,096) is the best of them to date while Ideal Power 1:56.4 ($62,245), Jango Fett 1:55.8 ($37,615) and Gentle Western 1:55 ($17,000) have also raced in the classics. Until being injured in the Southern Supremacy final pile up, Gentle Western looked a colt of the highest class. The second crop of Western Ideal in New Zealand are three-year-olds and number just 5 with none having won to date.


The one negative that the stats show is the % of winners to live foals is down a touch on what most of the elite sires achieve. That number is around the 75% mark through the earlier crops while 85% + is more like the industry average.


The list of positives is rather long. This is a sire who started with a hiss and a roar and at the age of twenty he is still going strong and mixing it with sires half his age. However you look at his career, it is nothing short of outstanding on so many levels. Ten millionaires is a good start as are the 48 in 1:50. An amazing 40.2% of his winners have won over $100,000. The average per starter of $135,541 is special, especially when you consider it includes his two and three year olds and that for his whole career he has been domiciled in New Jersey which over several years now has had a poor sires stakes program.

The number of his sons to have made their mark at stud already such as Rocknroll Hanover - Always a Virgin - American Ideal makes Western Ideal the preeminent sires of sires of recent times.


A brilliantly bred stallion who was an outstanding older racehorse. From the time he entered the stallion barn, Western Ideal has lived up to both as a sire. His record is as good as it gets and he has sons making their mark as sires as well. To produce two of the best colts of the year in Artspeak and Traceur Hanover from just 26 colt foals in his 2012 crop and in the twilight of his career against all the young pretenders shows what a great stallion he is and continues to be.


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