December 2016
Super Glue Corporation News: December 2016

Designing Christmas Ornaments with Super Glue Adhesives

If battling crowds at the local mall in the name of Christmas warfare has you down or you just are tired of listening to that one uncle at the dinner table who won’t stop talking about politics, it may be appropriate to take some you-time. As the leader in the adhesive industry and offering dozens of lines of glue products, Super Glue Corporation is your one stop shop for all things crafting this holiday season. With a few of these easy to make, festive decorations, achieve your Zen while creating some charming and eye-catching handmade ornaments for your Christmas Tree.

Since the effectiveness of adhesives depends on what surface they’re being applied on, we have included the recommended Super Glue products that work best for the materials you’ll be using at the bottom of each topic.

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Making New Years Eve Even More Memorable with Plenty of Pictures

Another year in the books. Whether it was a wild season for your favorite team or another tumultuous election cycle, we’re approaching the bookend where we can start anew. Fresh starts, new relationships, changed habits, all especially appropriate at the changing of the guard from December to January. With New Year’s Eve quickly approaching, you may be feeling the pressure to plan and decorate your annual party. But just because time is up for 2016, it doesn’t necessarily mean you are out of time to craft some creative, do-it-yourself projects to help ring in the new year

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How Super Glue’s Solvent Cements Work

With seemingly hundreds of options of glue and adhesives lining the shelves of every home improvement store out there, you may be questioning the necessity for so many choices. After all, glue is glue, right? In fact, many of these adhesives offer different application methods, work only on certain materials, and achieve their sticking power from a variety of chemical processes. Today we are going to focus on solvent cements.

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