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Welcome to a very cold January A to B!

It's cold outside!

Welcome to the first of our newsletters for 2017! It feels like the festive celebrations took place such a long time ago doesn't it? Nonetheless, the entire team would like to wish you a very Happy New Year and send you wishes for a great 2017. 

Historically, January and February have been quieter months for Airport Lynx - but 2017 feels to be different already: we are undertaking significantly more transfers and journeys for customers than at this point in previous years. It's not just business customers travelling - our MPV and LMPV's are busy taking groups to and from skiing holidays. And who can blame them? Cambridge isn't exactly known for snow...

Meet The Team - Liz Weston

Meet the Team - Liz Weston

Well, this is rather strange – to be interviewing myself for our “Meet the team” feature. I’m Liz Weston – I’ve been with Airport Lynx in a number of roles for four years. I started doing our PR and newsletter, before adding in social media and most recently, took on doing more marketing and sales for Airport Lynx, acting as the go to person for our corporate and business customers.

The best bit of my work is being out on the road, meeting customers and potential customers. I love to learn about how teams travel and how they make sure that suppliers meet their standards. No two businesses are the same ..... Read more... 

Valentine's gifts for people who travel....

valentine's gifts

It might seem like the Christmas and New Year festivities only happened a moment ago, but we are now heading towards Valentine’s day apace. As ever, we’re planning ahead and have rounded up five great gifts for Valentine’s  day, which would be perfect for people who travel. Which of these will work best for your Valentine?

1. Personalised travel journal, from Hope House Press
The personalised travel journal from Hope House Press is perfect for anyone who travels for work and wants to document the interesting things they find along the way. Read more...

Driving in the cold? We've got you covered...

Driving in the cold

Of all the seasons, winter presents the most demanding driving conditions and can make the experience unbearable. Plummeting temperatures, wind, rain, hail and snow each contribute to make extra work and can leave many drivers unhappy before they have even set off. These gadgets and tools will help make driving a more pleasant experience through the winter. Read more..

Wishing you all a warm start to 2017 - in every sense! 
Steve, Jayne and the Airport Lynx team.