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Autumn 2021 Night Comp Finals results & photos

Congratulations to all teams for a fantastic Autumn 2021 season.  Due to the interuption of COVID and lockdowns both WDTA and BDNTA only had one week of finals, 1 v 2 in all grades.

EMTC had 1 x WDTA team  and 5 x BDNTA teams play off for the Premiership Flag.  The six teams all came away with the Runners Up flags this season.  Some matches were upsets and others were as expected.  Everyone enjoyed having an extra match of tennis and two teams were happy enough to take a photo for us to publish..

Congratulations to the following BDNTA teams (no photos):

Monday Sec 4 Dbls: NEWKS - Joshua W, Chintan B, Lasha A, Alisha F & Gary L

Tuesday Sec 11 Dbls: ROCK LOBSTERS:  Robin B, Andrew McD, Kirran J, Esh E, Leigh M

Tuesday Sec 12 Dbls: RACQUETEERS: David McG, Rajat D, Malcolm McR, Steve R, Janos F, Tony B & Danielle W

Thursday Sec 3 S/D SCOPRIONS: Brett J, Matt S, Nick B & Leon M

WDTA - Golden Kiwis (A Res 1 - Singles/Doubles)

The team finished top of the ladder for the season but couldn't quite complete the season with a win.  Very close match with only 3 games in it (2-4 sets).

Congratulations to Andrew McVean, Adam Klein, Peter Goldberg (L-R), along with team mates Manoj Jampala and Peter Car. 

BDNTA - Tossers (Section 6 - Open)

The team finished 2nd on the ladder, with top team Gladeswood Reserve beating everyone convincingly in all rounds.  Great effort by Tossers taking two easy sets off the opposition.

Congratulations to: Chris Woods, Tom Taylor, Simon Smith, Rob Wyld (L-R), along with team mates Steve Carter, Simon Brasch.

Welcome to Lita Trimmings, our new Admin Officer

The Committe, and I (Deb), are very happy to welcome Lita Trimmings to the Admin Officer position at East Malvern Tennis Club.  Lita has plenty of Admin and tennis experience, coming from Tennis Victoria, playing competitions, organising many tournaments and umpiring qualifications amongst other things.

With the lockdown disruptions I will be in the office for a bit longer training Lita, and tidying up the filing cabinet!

When restrictions allow, please pop into the office and introduce yourself and welcome Lita.

Summer 2019-20 BRTA Senior Section 8 Premiers

Way back in March 2020 when everything COVID was new and some tennis restrictions came into effect (before our first lockdown), all weekend Summer 2019-20 Competitions were about to play their Grand Finals.  Our teams were able to compete in their Grand Finals, with the exception of our Section 9 BRTA team.  Bayside cancelled all their Grand Finals at midnight the night before, and declared top of the ladder Premiers.

Two weeks ago our BRTA Sec 9 team recently had the chance to celebrate and finally take a team photo at a special occasion - Matt's Wedding.  The team gave a very special thanks to Matt's lovely wife Ashleigh for scheduling the Wedding on a tennis bye round this Summer season!  The best sacrifice for tennis in living memory according to Chris..

The winning team in the photo is: (Olie A - night comp team mate) Paul Tamburro, Matt Bourke, Chris Woods, Heath Poustie (L-R) and absent Martin Hill, John McCristal and Greg Irvine.

Court 9 Out of Action for repairs

You will have noticed Court 9 has been out of action.  There were two major issues with a small hole between the service box & baseline, along with a growing ridge along the back baseline.  Robin has been busy repairing this and we hope the court will be back in action by Monday 26th July, or earlier.

If the net is down it means the court can't be played on. 

If adjustments are needed for Court Allocations an updated spreadhseet will be placed on the noticeboard, and relevant teams advised. 

Disruptive Multinet Gas Works along Moira/Dunlop Street between Thursday 22nd July and Sunday 15th August 2021

We have recently received notice that Multinet Gas Networks will be doing night and weekend works along Moira/Dunlop Street. 

There will be disruptions to how you access EMTC but the Club will still operate during these times. 

We will send a separate EDM early next week to our members.  This will have full details of the disruption, once we confirm if the current lockdown changes anything.