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After the holiday meals and the presents and the wearing of the bunny pajamas, one of the best things to do with your family and friends is to play games. But sometimes finding just the right game is difficult. That's why we recommend Pyramid Arcade.

Pyramid Arcade is an entire game library in a box! 22 games and 118 components promise hours and hours of enjoyable gameplay. With many different styles of games, game length, difficulties, and number of players, Pyramid Arcade is sure to be everyone's favorite holiday gift.

Find Pyramid Arcade (and more!) at your local game store, or, if you don't have any game stores near you, in our online store!

Pyramid Arcade is now in stores, but we didn't want to leave long-time Looney Pyramid fans out in the cold. We know you have tons of pyramids from amassing them over the last few decades, and maybe you passed on buying Pyramid Arcade because you had enough pyramids in your collection. Now, there are a couple of bits you can only get in Pyramid Arcade, but we wanted most of the main things to be available separately.

So, whether you're pining over the Bonus Arcade Cards, the Chessboard Bandana, the Custom Arcade Dice, the Pyramid Arcade Coin, the Pyramid Arcade Rule Book, the Starship Captain Sticker, the new Volcano Board, the never-before-released Wheel Board, and/or the Zark City Deck, you'll find them all in our online store!

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Whether you have a casual fascination with the Looney Pyramids, are a dedicated Starship Captain, or just want to know about Pyramid Arcade, this new FB group is the place to be!

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Dice Tower Cruise

The Dice Tower Cruise is a 5 day, 4 night cruise leaving from Fort Lauderdale, Florida and traveling to Cozumel, Mexico. Food, fun, prizes, and 24-hour-a-day gaming! This is a unique experience you won’t want to miss!

Kristin Looney will be on board playing Pyramid Arcade all weekend long!



PAX South 2017 is about having fun, hanging out with likeminded folk, and pretty much soaking in everything that is awesome about gaming culture.

Kristin and Andy will be in the Foam Brain Games demo area all weekend. Come by and play a game with them!



PAX East 2017 is all about video games, board games, music, fun, fandoms, panels, and being yourself with people who are like you. Hundreds of people who are like you. Yay!

Kristin will be in the Foam Brain Games demo area all weekend. Come by and play a game with them!

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Q: I missed signing up for the 2016 Holiday Gift. Can I still get it?

A: To get it right now, you would need a time machine. Then you could either go back and sign up before the deadline, or go forward to December 28, when it will become available in our webstore. Also, if you do have a time machine, loan it to me please!

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ExtraordinaryED is dedicated to bringing unique, exciting, and yes, EXTRAORDINARY products, events, and classes to the Collingswood Community! From hundreds of games, puzzles, and brain teasers to Community Game Nights, they strive to provide a space where Collingswood can LEARN, PLAY, and GROW! ExtraordinaryED's expert education team works together to excite and engage their curious, fun-loving customers with an eclectic variety of products, classes, and events.