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We are so excited that Custom Loonacy is on the cover of Casual Game Insider (CGI) magazine, and we can't wait for you to read the accompanying article! What's that, you say? You've never heard of CGI? Well, let us tell you about this great quarterly magazine! CGI's focus is on "casual games," which they define as a game that is "played in under an hour, set up and taught in under 10 minutes, and requires some light strategic thought." Sound like any games you know and love?

If you'd like to read the cover article about Custom Loonacy, or any of the other articles in this quarter's issue of Casual Game Insider, we've got you covered. We can even do better than that. CGI has been kind enough to gift our readers ONE FULL YEAR of free magazines! To sign up, follow this link right away, because the offer ends January 31st. Enjoy!

For those of you who weren't able to catch us at a convention last year to grab our convention-only promos, now's your chance! Our two 2019 convention exclusive Keepers, Little Groot and Ezri Dax, are now released for sale in the webstore. Little Groot was made to promote Marvel Fluxx, but can play a fun part in any Fluxx deck by forbidding the owner to say anything other than, "I am Groot!" Ezri Dax is specifically for Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Fluxx, and counts as Jadzia Dax. 

Other relatively new little fun things you won't find in stores include a Bigger Blanker Box and Turn It Up To Eleven, a Math Fluxx expansion that was originally made for a special event at the Museum of Mathematics in New York.

What will this year's exclusives be, you ask? We've got a High Five to add to your Get the MacGuffin deck, as well as a few others we can't talk about quite yet. Stay tuned!

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Don't forget to buy your copy of Astronomy Fluxx! It releases today at friendly local game stores, toy stores, book stores, educational supply stores, and other fine establishments throughout the world! 

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This month's Custom Loonacy deck is tons of fun! You can buy it for just $10 at the link below.

Don't know what Custom Loonacy is yet? All is explained, including a how-to video at www.customloonacy.com. Go take a look! 

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Dice Tower Cruise

Kristin and Laurie will be on the Dice Tower Cruise for the third time with a new experiment/challenge for attendees. They can be found in the game areas pretty much all the time, often into the wee hours of the morning. Come cruise with Looney Labs and the Dice Tower!

The Dice Tower Cruise started in 2016 as an idea between Tom Vasel and Jason Levine to bring the same Dice Tower board game convention experience to sea. Using the same core values as The Dice Tower they strive to ensure that the cruise is a family friendly event and that everyone feels welcomed into our hobby. As the fastest growing board game convention at sea they will always make sure to create great value for all attendees.



Kristin and Laurie look forward to meeting all you homeschoolers who use games at GameSchoolCon! We will be demoing our entire educational line (and maybe a few others just for fun).

GameSchoolCon is brought to you by Sasha Kuczynski, producer of HSC DiscoveryCon, the first hybrid homeschool/gaming conference, and Edward Stafford, the man behind Gamerunner, a board game, RPG, geeky crafts, and music appreciation space for homeschooled kids. GameSchoolCon grew out of Sasha and Edward's convictions that people learn best when they are having fun, and that Gameschoolers should have a conference of their own, where they can let their freak flags fly.



Kristin and Andy will be the gaming guests of honor at MidSouthCon for the second time. They very much enjoyed the first time and plan to bring even more fun this time around! If you are planning to attend MidSouthCon, keep an eye on the schedule for planned events, panel discussions, and open gaming hours. The Looneys look forward to playing your favorite games with you, signing autographs, and showing off prototypes of upcoming games!

MidSouthCon is the longest-running annual fan-run multi-genre Science Fiction Convention in the Mid-South. It covers a diverse section of fannish culture that includes Science Fiction, Fantasy, Science, Comics, Horror, Education, Costuming, Anime, and Gaming. MidSouthCon has an average of 2200 attendees, including over 100 authors, editors, publishers, scientists, artists and other guests and panelists. It features more than 200 hours of programming, including panels, the annual Art and Charity Auctions, a Masquerade costume contest, and more. There are also hundreds of hours of gaming running non-stop throughout the weekend.

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Q: Will you please come to my FLGS?

A:  We always try to visit as many fans in as many locations as we can, but this year is particularly exciting because I will be taking at least one (maybe more) two-week-long road trips to visit fans across the country! Most of my visits will happen in friendly local game stores, but there might be an occasional stop at a toy store, book store, or local gaming group as well. We are still determining exactly where I will be headed, and we'd like your input. If you'd like me to visit your area, please fill out this short 5-minute survey.

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If you work at a retailer that sells our games, please join our new Looney Labs Retailers FaceBook Group!

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The National Museum of Mathematics – MoMath for short – in New York is a ton of fun, with three stories of hands-on math activities, some simple enough for young children, others complicated enough for math PhDs! And once you finish having fun with the exhibits, you can head out through the well-stocked museum store. Not only do they carry several Looney Labs games, but they also have books, clothing, toys, home decor, puzzles, and more, all with a mathematical flair. 

P.S. - If you would like us to feature your store in an upcoming newsletter, submit your info here: Feature Store Submission Form

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