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New Practice Open for Business

We are very excited to announce that our new practice at the Bowen Hills Medical Specialist Centre is now open. Our group of leading neurosurgeons and orthopaedic spinal surgeons offers a collaborative approach to patient care and this new purpose-built facility enables us to provide a unique and multidisciplinary treatment plan for every patient. This new site, which is also the headquarters of The Newro Foundation, augments our existing locations and enables our consultants to see patients in a timely manner while also allowing us to further develop our research interests and collaborations with other specialists and institutions.

Conveniently located in Brisbane’s inner north, we offer our patients free on-site car parking and are also easily accessible via train and bus services. Other services, such as imaging diagnostics and specialist physiotherapy, are also located at the Centre with other specialist medical services to be located here in the future.

We look forward to welcoming existing and new patients to our new premises. For further information about our other practice locations, click here.

Giant Olfactory Groove Meningioma

This 74 year old lady presented with progressive depression. She had been treated medically for months but her symptoms did not improve. She then developed headaches and cognitive deficits such as poor short term memory became increasingly obvious. An MRI scan of the brain was eventually done, revealing a very large lesion of the anterior cranial fossa.

Continue reading Prof. David Walker’s thought-provoking study here.

Meet Our Specalists

Prof David Walker is a neurosurgeon and spinal surgeon at Briz Brain & Spine. He has a special clinical interest in brain tumours and is actively involved in conducting research to help find a cure for this disease. We sat down with David to find out more about him…

What do you like most about your speciality?
I was attracted to the challenge of Neurosurgery before I started my training and that continues to be the thing I most appreciate about my job. It is an ongoing process to improve and master the field and that’s how it shold be and that’s what keeps me interested.

Are there other areas of medicine you have experience in or are interested in?
I have been involved in medical research throughout my career – since I was a medical student, so I take an interest in all aspects of medical research, especially as it relates to cancer and neurosurgery.

Describe the weirdest thing you’ve had to do in your medical career?
I can’t really because it would be embarrassing for the young woman who I saw in an emergency department once.

What do you like to do outside of Briz Brain & Spine?
I play a lot of golf and particularly like going on golf trips. I like looking after my house and yard and doing physical exercise. Pretty boring I know!

And do you have any special talents?
None. Other than reverse parking. I am pretty good at that.

Further information about the treatments offered by Prof David Walker can be found here.

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