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Top 100 Golf Courses "BiteSize" – March 2018

One week from today Augusta National Golf Club will be in the world spotlight once again as the 2018 Masters gets underway with the famous par three contest, where many former green-jacketed champions will be walking off their Champions Dinner – no doubt Spanish-themed – hosted by last year’s winner, Sergio Garcia. How many of these past Masters champions will spare a thought for Augusta’s greatest jacketless golfers?

In a series of Masters previews, M. James Ward takes a look behind the scenes at this pristine season opening major and he also conducted a series of interviews with architects from around the world to shed some light on the Augusta National design.

Champions Dinner – select the menu and pay the tab
Behind the architectural curtain
Augusta's par three party
Green never to be seen – Augusta's greatest jacketless golfers
No cup of tea – Augusta’s demanding opener
A green jacket can await or be denied – Augusta’s closing hole

Also this month we’ve completed our ranking re-evaluations for Asia by releasing new and extended tables for Japan (Top 50) and South Korea (Top 40). Additionally, we’ve revised Indonesia (Top 30) and India (Top 20).

Finally, we’ve published the first ever Mexican Top 50, expanding this ranking list by ten courses from two years ago.

Top 50 Golf Courses of Japan 2018

The big news is we’ve expanded our Japanese rankings from a Top 30 to a Top 50 and we must thank our International Consultant Masa Nishijima, who looks after a large network of raters who assist him with the maintenance of the national listings. Masa has been advising us for many years and we’re grateful for his extensive knowledge across a golf rich country with around 2,500 courses in play.

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Top 50 Golf Courses of Mexico 2018

Our first ranking chart for Mexico was established a decade ago when we introduced a Top 15 and we’ve gradually expanded the number of courses in this listing since then, producing a Top 40 during our last update exercise two years ago. This time, we’re adding another ten tracks from our Mexican database to the national standings so this is the first publication of a Top 50 for Mexico.

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Top 40 Golf Courses of South Korea 2018

After extending our South Korean listings to a Top 30 when we last re-ranked this country, we’re now expanding the rankings even further by producing a Top 40, so our coverage across this golfing nation has doubled in just a couple of years. In this edition of our Korean standings, five courses remain in the same position as last time, seven move up, eighteen drop down and ten make a first-time appearance.

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Top 30 Golf Courses of Indonesia 2018

The former Indonesian No.1 course at Nirwana Bali Golf Club closed last year for a major overhaul by Phil Mickelson’s design firm and it looks like the redesigned layout might not re-open until next year sometime. The temporary omission of Nirwana Bali allows most of the other courses already occupying top ten positions to move up at least one place.

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Top 20 Golf Courses of India 2018

When we last updated our Indian listings we doubled the number to a Top 20 but this newly re-ranked chart is all about consolidating what was established last time around, with seven courses moving up, seven falling down, four remaining the same and two dropping out. It’s also worth noting the top two Indian layouts occupy positions within our inaugural Top 100 of Asia.

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Review of the Month February 2018 - Pacific Grove

The back nine at Pacific Grove will give you everything you want out of a golf trip to Monterey for a fraction of the price compared to neighboring courses… This course doesn't strike me so much as a "poor man's Pebble" as it does a "poor man's MPCC" but no matter how you label it, the back nine is worth the price of admission and then some.

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