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Free Social Day - Thank you

Thank you to those who attended the Free Social Day on Sunday 28 November. We hope you enjoyed the afternoon. It was an opportunity to hear from our members, about what they hope for in the future. As a Committee, we try to represent all of our members, and we don’t get the opportunity to chat with you often enough. I would like to thank Dan Whibley for all her efforts in organising this event, as well as listening on the day. Dan has volunteered to update our Strategic Plan, and this is part of that activity. I should also thank Deb for the logistics of food and drink, which was well received. The greatest strength we have at EMTC are the people. I am looking forward to more opportunities for us to catch up and chat.

Ralph Muir-Morris

Swimming Pool Update

I just wanted to keep everyone informed about the status of our pool. As I said at the AGM, the Committee are keen to keep the pool and have it incorporated in the new clubhouse design. The Council's architects brief, regarding the new Clubhouse, does not currently include the pool.
During Covid lockdowns, we asked Council about reopening the pool, along with the courts. We were instructed to keep the pool closed. Council own the property, and we are tenants. Subsequently we have had Council inspections and an audit completed by Life Saving Victoria. LSV are the governing body with regards to pool use. The pool remains closed because we are not compliant with the requirements of LSV. The most significant one being pool supervision. We had this issue after the last LSV audit, a few years ago. LSV eventually relented and we were able to open again.
We have had a meeting with Council, yesterday, where they expressed their ongoing concerns. We are waiting on confirmation from Council about the necessity of a Pool Supervisor. If the answer is “yes” we would not be able to manage that. We are also exploring the costs involved for a Consultant to create the plans and documentation required to satisfy LSV. We estimate that this will be a significant cost. The costs of running the pool are manageable. The costs associated with compliance are growing.
We would really like to keep the pool, but as a “not for profit” organisation, we do not have unlimited resources.  Having worked hard to get the funding back into the Council’s budget, we do not want that to change.

If you are interested in reading the LSV audit, please contact Lita.

If you can help, let me know. We are still waiting for more information, but the door is slowly closing.

Ralph Muir-Morris


WhatsApp - Social Hit

EMTC now has a WhatsApp Group for members to message others for a Social/Practice Hit. This is a great way to meet other members. If you would like to join the EMTC Social Hit group, please text the office on 0477 858 854 and include your name. A WhatsApp Group Invite will then be sent to join.

Save the date

Open Day Sunday 13 February 2022 12-2pm. More details to follow.


EMTC new office phone number: 0477 858 854

Wishing all members and their families a safe and happy festive season.

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