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DjangoCon AU - Call for Papers!

DjangoCon Australia

Do you dabble in Django?

DjangoCon AU is a one day mini-conference hosted in Brisbane on the 1st of August 2014.

The DjangoCon AU organising committee are calling for more submissions from the PyLadies community.

Why sumbit a talk proposal?

Conference presentations are a great thing to put on your resume, because it shows someone else has recognised your expertise. If you're a speaker, you'll be on the same stage as core developers and recognised community leaders. When you speak on a specific subject area, you increase the likelihood that someone will seek you out for your expert opinion on that topic in the future. Speakers also generally get to know other speakers (if only because they have pre-show nerves to compare :-), so you'll have an amazing opportunity to network with these community leaders, and be recognised publicly as being one of them.

It's also a great opportunity to show other PyLadies that they're not alone. You can be the role model for the undergraduate who is having second thoughts about her degree, or the mentor for the recent graduate struggling through a male-dominated industry.

The DjangoCon AU organizers want to have as diverse a program as possible - diversity brings different opinions and different perspectives, and gives us a richer community as a whole. PyCon US has just concluded, with 30% of speakers being women. We'd like to beat that if we can :-)

However, we can only accept proposals if they're submitted!

What kind of talks are accepted?

Almost anything with a relationship to Django web development is on topic:

  • Detailed walkthroughs and examples of use of a particular Django API, or a particularly prominent Django package.
  • Surveys of a topic area. What's the state of the art in Django E-commerce tools? CMS packages?
  • Discussion of a topic area that isn't *strictly* Django/Python, but is useful to people working on websites - e.g., UX/UI design, Devops tools. These talks will tend to be of the "Hackers guide to X" variety - assume everyone in the room is a novice when it comes to anything other than Django coding.
  • "War stories" - practical experiences deploying a specific Django site, including lessons learned, and any interesting workarounds/hacks.
  • Guides on getting involved in the Django development process.
  • Developing the community - Guides on how to start a user group (in person or virtual), or run a training course; share your own experiences.

But, I've never presented a talk before!

Like PyCon AU, DjangoCon AU encourages the participation of first time speakers.

Want some advice? Experienced presenter, Django Core Developer and DSF President Russell Keith-Magee will be available to help!  Confirm your place here.

When does the CFP close?

The CFP closes on the 25th of April. To submit to DjangoCon AU, you submit through the PyCon AU CFP; Django-specific talks will be extracted from the general PyCon lists and put into the DjangoCon stream.

Submit your CFP here!