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Mar. 2019

The Spill

There have been some big announcements for Battery of the Nation in recent weeks, with funding committed for more studies into a second Bass Strait interconnector. For us, we are accelerating work to identify a pumped hydro project that will be ready to go when more interconnection comes online. Learn more about Battery of the Nation.

But that's not the only thing happening in our world, read on to learn about pumped hydro, bootylicious spiders, community grants and more.

What is pumped hydro and how does it act like a battery?

Imagine if we could double Tasmania’s clean electricity generating capacity. It’s possible with pumped hydro energy storage.

The legacy of John Butters

It’s not every day that a power station evokes tears of sentimental joy but that is precisely the effect the John Butters Power Station had on one special visitor recently.

An amazing, touching experience that she will never forget.


Bootylicious spiders and vampire vines

As part of the Expedition of Discovery, TMAG scientists recently visited Musselroe Wind Farm looking for new and threatened species.

The wind-swept sand dunes of Tasmania's North-East did not disappoint.


Community grant applications now open

Our community grant program offers up to $5,000 for not-for-profit community organisations based in Tasmania to help fund projects that make a real difference for people and communities.

Do you know a community group who could benefit from a helping hand?

Watch the video to learn how the Harvest Helpers used their grant to help reduce waste and feed their community.

Find out more

Our grads have the power

Are you graduating from university this year?

Tap into a world of exciting challenges and be a part of the team that's creating a clean energy future.

Learn more

The Hydropower Guide to the Galaxiids

This is an amazing story of survival in the complex universe that exists in the fresh waterways we manage.

It's not to be confused with the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, which is a completely different story in a much larger universe.


Gordon gets a new lease on life

If life begins at 40, as the saying goes, it began this year for one of our most iconic landmarks.

But clocking up four decades of dedicated power generation for Tasmania had taken a toll so this year Gordon Power Station has undergone one of its biggest maintenance operations yet.


Things to do - have a good time on us

Waddamana Power Station Heritage Site
Waddamana is one of the few early 20th century hydropower stations with original machines intact.

Stop by and marvel at the mighty Pelton wheel turbines, and see how hydropower lifted Tasmania into the industrial age.


We've completed some upgrades to Lake Binney North Shore Campground.

We have over 30 locations around the State you can pitch a tent at.


Are you a keen angler?

Check out Tasmania’s top 15 fishing spots on our website, and use our interactive Find a Site to see the facilities, safety regulations and water levels for each lake.


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