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Nominees for upcoming AGM

Nominations have now closed for the upcoming 127th EMTC AGM and we would like to let our members know who the candidates are for the 2014/15 year.

Voting (secret ballot) will be required for Vice President and General Committee.

• President – Ralph Muir-Morris
• Vice President:
         Chris Woods
         Alan Young

• Treasurer – Onofrio Raffaele
• Secretary – Debra Bolic
• Assistant Secretary – Leigh Hunt
• 8 x General Committee:
         Rohan Appleton
         Karen Clydesdale
         Ian Fuelscher
         Natalie Harwood
         Julie Kealey
         Paul Lidgerwood
         Cassie Lloyd
         Glenn Mescher
         Chris Woods (if not elected Vice President)
         Alan Young (if not elected Vice President)

As previously advised, we will not be having nominee speeches at the AGM. We have attached a Biography of all our nominees so please take the time to read about them so you come to the meeting prepared to vote for your selected candidate.  Also available to read is the Agenda for the meeting and the 2013 AGM Minutes. Follow the link please:

If you have missed any previous emails about what has been happening lately go to our website or click this link:

We look forward to seeing our members at the AGM, on Sunday 30th November 2014 at 5.30pm, supporting the next Committee of this fantastic club.

EMTC Committee.