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"A world of opportunity awaits. It's never too late."
-- Dr. Wilsie Bishop
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It's OK to take risks.


I hope you had the opportunity to join us for our Women Empowered kickoff. Thank you for all the wonderful feedback.

In her keynote, Dr. Bishop left us with some valuable advice: "There are lots of ways to be successful, set goals, be confident, and do something everyday to be stronger and better at what you do."

"It’s OK to take risks; it’s OK to change your mind, to go on a career path you never thought you would take. Take advantage of opportunities as they come along. Get your resumes in order, get the skills, get the knowledge and get the experience that you need. Work hard, don’t whine, and be willing to take risks, be willing to say yes, develop communication skills that work with teams because teamwork is where it is. A world of opportunity awaits. It’s never too late.”

If you missed our kickoff event, another opportunity is on the horizon. Our next event is June 12, featuring the wonderful Aundrea Wilcox, KOSBE Executive Director, SBDC Business Counselor and Author. Seating is limited, so register today.

I hope you enjoy this inaugural edition of WE/Connect, our member newsletter. We'll continue to make improvements and add features, and if you have ideas, I'd love to hear them. Send me an email anytime.

My best to you,

Jan Yates
Women Empowered Program Director

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Jo Anne Paty

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5 Bite-Size Business Lessons from the Girl Scouts

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Public Speaking Tips for Women

By Tara Sophia Mohr

You are brilliant. Your ideas? Incredible.
Your questions? Insightful. Your critiques of the status quo? Right on.

I keep meeting brilliant women like you, with powerful ideas to contribute, important businesses and organizations to build, provocative questions to share. But so often, the way they communicate fails to command power...

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It's a Movement

Join Women Empowered

If you haven't yet joined Women Empowered, it's not too late. By participating in the Women Empowered Program, you'll have the opportunity to build valuable relationships in the community, receive financial guidance from industry experts, and learn about business best practices.

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“As a woman business owner, I see tremendous value in being a participant in this program.”

-- Judy Derby, Owner/Publisher, News & Neighbor and Business Journal
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