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EMTC is back open from 7.00am Wednesday 28th July 2021

EMTC is very pleased to announce we are back open from 7.00am Wednesday 28th July 2021.

As always, please remember you MUST QR Code every time you come to EMTC (or paper sign in - ONLY if you don't have a mobile phone).  This is important for contact tracing, and is not linked to court bookings.

Under the current restrictions MASKS are MANDATORY AT ALL TIMES and should only be removed once you are on the court.  They must be put back on before you leave the court please, and anyone who enters the bathrooms must wear a mask. 

We have updated our "Rules of Play" to Version 14, and they are available on our website:

Members/Coaching clients should only be at the Club if they are on court.

NO Spectators allowed please (excluding people necessary – such as coach, carer, parent or guardian). 

Competition tennis will resume, starting this weekend.

SNR & JNR Sat/Sun Comp will continue with rounds as per the original draws (those matches missed are recorded as Washouts).

Night Comp BDNTA have been advised their Spring season commences with Round 1 from Monday 2nd August (i.e. an adjustment to the original fixtures) - please check TROLS.

Night Comp WDTA - we are waiting for confirmation regarding their season start (i.e. will it be Round 1 or 2 on Tues 3rd August).  We will advise all players as soon as we know.

See you back on court...

EMTC no longer GST registered as at 1 July 2021

EMTC is pleased to advise our members we are no longer required to pay/collect GST.  This came into effect from 1st July 2021.

We wanted to confirm that your Subs for 2021-22 do not include GST.  The Committee has always endeavoured to keep the Membership subs as low as possible, and as previously advised, we have not increased the fees in the last three years.

Instead we have provided a pay on time discount, and we will be extending our current discount to 31 August 2021.  Thank you to our members who have already paid their annual subscriptions.