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EMTC Competitions Update 15May17

There have been nothing less than great efforts from all our East Malvern teams in their current competitions. The following are a few particularly notable performances from some of our teams as of last weekend.

Pennant Comp

Pennant Grade 3 Sec 4; hit it off to a great start with 2 out of 3 wins – keep it up boys!
Women’s Grade 5 Sec 2; sitting second on the ladder, with an especially huge win on 6 May - taking all eight sets
Women’s Grade 5 Sec 1; playing a particularly great game in week 2, allowing the opposition only one of nine sets played
Pennant Doubles Grade 1; currently sitting 1st on the ladder having won all four games so far, with a notably fantastic win on the 6th May (3-7-43 to 0-0-8)
Pennant Grade 6 Sec 1; three great wins securing their spot atop the ladder

Midweek Ladies

EDWTA Division 3; currently fourth on the ladder with two rounds to go before finals
EDWTA Division 1; having been put up a division are finding the higher standard a bit more challenging
Bayside Thursday ladies Sec 1; are doing well coming fourth in the second pool
WDTA Thursday ladies A Res1; currently sitting just outside the top four
MEMRLTA Sec 6; East Malvern Gold in 1st and East Malvern Blue in 3rd place

Night Comp

The Following Teams are first on their respective ladders as of 15 May: 
- Newks - Monday Open Doubles B1
- The A Theim - Tuesday Open Singles/Double B1
- 1886ers  - Wednesday Mixed Doubles BSp1

The Following Teams are in an impressive second place:
- Almost Tennis Legends – Tuesday Open Sec 8
- Racqueteers – Tueday Open Sec 12
- Double Faults – Wednesday Open Sec 8

The Following Teams are currently sitting in third place:
- Hi Fives – Monday Ladies Sec 6
- Tossers – Wednesday Open Sec 6


Saturday Boys Triples; both EMTC teams are within the top 3 positions, with CSp1 Blue leading the board, and CSp1 Red coming in 3rd  
Saturday Boys Triples DSp3; in 2nd on the ladder
Sunday Triples Singles/Doubles DSp2; sitting 2nd on the ladder

Well done to all!

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