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Cologne, July, 2017

On Air, Issue 16: International network

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Global players


The long standing tradition of the EASA / FAA annual safety conference brought together last month in Brussels senior aviation representatives from around the globe to discuss global aviation safety issues.

The 300 participants attending the conference, represented 22 authorities, 26 associations and 82 individual companies.

These numbers give a clear indication of the continued commitment to strengthen the ties by the aviation community.



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Shane Carmody, from CASA, about EASA


1) What is your relationship with EASA?

Over the 15 years that EASA has been in operation, CASA has worked closely with EASA in international forums, including on the panels and working groups of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). We work formally and informally through information sharing arrangements and well developed person-to-person contacts at the subject matter expert level. This allows CASA opportunities to advise European counterparts of the similarities and differences in our operational environments and aviation industries.

CASA and EASA first signed an arrangement on enhanced cooperation for the oversight of the Airbus A380 fleet in 2008 and in January 2017, CASA joined the EU SAFA Programme when I signed a Working Arrangement with the EASA Executive Director. We look forward to aligned procedures and findings of ramp inspection surveillance through participation in the SAFA Programme. Joining Singapore in the Asia and Pacific (APAC) Region as a SAFA member will also strengthen regional links for the programme.


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1st CAAC EASA Aviation Safety Conference


27-28 April 2017, Shanghai, China

The Executive Director of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), Mr Patrick Ky and the Deputy Administrator of the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC), Mr Li Jian opened the first joint Safety Conference organised by the two administrations. The conference brought together not only the authorities, but also leading CEOs from the European and Chinese aviation industry, as well as attracting more than 40 members of the domestic and international media.

The conference marks a new high in aviation ties between the European Union and China, which have steadily grown closer in recent years. In the presence of CAAC Administrator Feng Zhenglin and the European Commission Director General for Mobility and Transport Mr Henrik Hololei, leading members of the aviation community discussed progress on establishing a future Bilateral Aviation Safety Agreement (BASA) between China and the European Union.

Trends defining the future of aviation safety were discussed in the different panels of the conference. Topics included implementing efficient safety management systems for maintenance, new technologies and developments in the field of aircraft navigation systems, as well as efforts to promote the wider use of rotorcraft in China.



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It is not only the number of EASA member states.

It is the number of countries outside the European Union the Agency has Working agreements (WAs) with.

The latest one was signed in Brussels on 15 June 2017 between EASA and the Civil Aviation Authority of China (CAAC) with the presence of Airbus representatives, on the assembly line of the Airbus A320 and extended production of the A330 in Tianjin (China).

news events

Latest News

12 May 2017: EASA certifies GB1 GameBird aeroplane from GAME Composites

12 May 2017: EU FCL system: mutual recognition acknowledged under ICAO

17 May 2017: EASA and Italian Ministry of Defence sign Cooperation Arrangement on Aviation Safety

7 June 2017: EASA launches Airworthiness Convergence project with Ukraine

14 June 2017: 2017 Annual Safety review published

16 June 2017: Successful Annual EASA-FAA International Safety Conference comes to an end

22 June 2017:  EASA publishes safety information on Wake Vortex

26 June 2017: Happy to celebrate EU Aviation Market #EUAviation25

29 June 2017: Presentation of EASA’s Drone rules proposal

30 June 2017: EASA published an Opinion to improve the FCL Implementing Rules

30 June 2017: EASA publishes Opinion with initial pilot licensing requirements to address loss of control in-flight (LOC-I)

Upcoming Events

6 September 2017: Aircrew Training Conference (Advanced Approach to Pilot Training)

27-28 September 2017: EASA Workshop on Additive Manufacturing II

16-17 October 2017: General Aviation Structures Workshop

15-17 November 2017:  2017 Global Manufacturing Meeting

22-23 November 2017: Product Certification & Design Organisation Workshop

5-6 December 2017: 11th Rotorcraft Symposium

SAVE THE DATE!  EASA Annual Safety Conference on Cybersecurity in Cracow on 8 November 2017!

Details on these and other upcoming EASA News & Events are available here.


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