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Expertise and collaboration between peers

World renowned Deep Brain Stimulation duo, Professor Terry Coyne and Professor Peter Silburn, continue to share their extensive DBS experience and knowledge locally and internationally.

This week the duo supported fellow BrizBrain & Spine Neurosurgeon, Dr Norman Ma and Neurologist, Dr Robert Adam, with their first ever DBS case at the Royal Brisbane Woman’s Hospital.

Built on a strong foundation of experience and expertise, BrizBrain & Spine are a group of dedicated neurosurgeons and orthopaedic spinal surgeons who provide the best patient care possible in a true team effort.

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Brisbane North CPD Dinner

The Brisbane North CPD dinner was a huge success, the evening hosted presentations on the following Oncology topics:

Common Spine Tumours Dr Steven Yang, Orthopaedic Spinal and Hand Surgeon

Brain TumoursDr Hamish Alexander, Neurosurgeon and Spinal Surgeon

Radiation Treatment – Dr Nicola Lowrey, Radiation Oncologist, Genesis Cancer Care

We thank all of the GP's who attended the event and look forward to seeing you at our weekend conference on 1 & 2 June. 

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Patient Information Videos

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Chceck out our range of informative short videos that provide a greater understanding of your condition and treatments that are available. You can also find all the information you need via our patients tab. 

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