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EMTC Competitions Update (at 29Jun18)

All East Malvern competition players deserve recognition for the stellar performances and admirable efforts across current and recently finished seasons. Here is a brief update as to some of the feats of our competition teams.

Night Comp

2018 Autumn season saw quite a bit of success for our Night Competition players. Of our 25 teams, across BDNTA and WDTA, 18 made the top four and played in finals.

A big congratulation to the following teams who won their Grand Finals:
- Mercer Bros; Thursday Sec7
- Beavers; Tuesday S/D ARes2
- SNAFU; Wednesday Dbls BSp1
- Baseliners; Wednesday Dbls B1

Well done on successful and hard-fought seasons to Runners Up teams High Fives, Almost Tennis Legends & Guns (who lost their Grand Final by just two games!).

2018 Spring season commences the week:
           23 July for BDNTA,
and    30 July for WDTA.

Draws etc. are released a week or so before commencement.  As soon as we know, you will know.

Senior Comp

Pennant Sat Women’s Grade 3 Sec 2; sit comfortably in fifth position playing a good season
Pennant Sat Women’s Grade 5 Sec 1; are currently in sixth place with five matches left in the season
Pennant Sat Women’s Grade 5 Sec 2; are playing a solid season with a particularly great win in round six where the opposition were left without any rubbers or sets

Pennant Sat PM Doubles Grade 1; are playing exceptionally well, winning six of the seven rounds played and sitting atop the ladder
Pennant Sat Men’s Grade 5 Sec 2; sit in seventh place, but with very little between fifth, sixth and seventh position
Pennant Sat Men’s Grade 8 Sec 2; are playing a hard-fought season and sit in sixth place on the ladder

Pennant Sun Men’s Grade 5 Sec 6; have a good lead sitting in first place from seven wins and a draw in their nine played matches
Pennant Sun PM Grade 4 Sec 5; currently seventh on the ladder with just one game between sixth and seventh place

Bayside Sec 3 (EM1); currently sit in seventh place with close points between fifth, sixth and seventh spot
Bayside Sec 3 (EM2); are in eight place but with six rounds left before finals

Eastern Region Tennis S/D 2; are playing a good season, sitting just outside the top four in fifth spot.

Midweek Ladies

Bayside Thursday Sec 2; finished first and took out the Premiership after a great season (unfortnuately their last at EMTC).
WDTA Thursday BSp1; played a solid season finishing second on the ladder, and made the Grand Final, coming away with Runner Up
EDWTA Wednesday Sec 2; finished just outside the top four in fifth position
EDWTA Wednesday Sec 3; played a good season, making the semi-final and finishing in third place
MEMRLTA Tuesday teams are six rounds from finals and playing well. Our Section 4 ladies currently sit in eighth and our Section 6 team are on the top of their ladder.


We are just over halfway through the Winter Junior Competition season. Our four Saturday teams and eight Sunday teams brave the cold starts each weekend and are displaying very admirable efforts. Four of our twelve junior teams currently sit in the top four of their division.
A particular well done to these teams:
Sunday S/D Open Rubber B3; who are undefeated so far and haven’t lost any of their eight rounds 
Saturday Open Triples C2; who are playing a great season sitting in third place on the ladder
Saturday Boys Triples C2; who sit in fourth and are playing very well
Sunday S/D Triples CSp1; who are in the top four sitting comfortably in fourth position

All EMTC Junior teams have been playing hard and putting in great efforts and deserve congratulations for their feats. Those teams who are not currently in the top four sit just outside, and with six rounds left in the season, there is still plenty of time for all players to continue playing well and battle their way up the ladder!

Well done to all our competition teams.


EMTC 2018 Club Championships, both Senior & Junior, will be held over two weekends.  Sat/Sun 8/9 & 15/16 September 2018. The Grand Finals will be played Sunday afternoon – times to be confirmed.  Put the date in your diary now!  More details late in July, with nominations opening 10th August.  Stay tuned.

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