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Student E-Newsletter - January 2018
Happy New Year

Happy New Year from everyone at the IAB! We are looking forward to an exciting year ahead and we wish you success with all your studies in 2018.

Special offers for members on Excel courses

Are you tired of struggling with Excel? Do you want to use Excel with ease to solve complex problems, automate spreadsheets, and master graphs for presentations instead of pulling your hair out?

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Your Business with James Caan Magazine

The IAB is featured in the latest edition of Your Business with James Caan Magazine.  The magazine is ideal for anyone seriously thinking about starting a business.

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Apprenticeship levy coming under fire

The controversial apprenticeship levy is facing a growing backlash from UK businesses, with companies finding a well-meaning policy is being strangled with red tape.

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New position available: money mule

One third (32%) of Britons would apply for a job as a money mule, helping criminals to launder money. That’s the finding of an experiment carried out by Santander.

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Cyberattacks averaging 633 per day per firm!

UK companies are under attack, with the average firm ‘experiencing’ a whopping 231,028 cyberattacks during 2017. That equates to 633 attempts to breach firewalls every day.

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Fasting improves brainpower

So, how do you improve your brainpower? Researchers are now saying you need to go on the 5:2 diet! Enforced fasting in mice has shown that it causes changes in the brain...

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Mindfulness can lower exam stress

Maybe it’s time to get that Calm app! Mindfulness training could help reduce your stress during exams, says a new study.

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Overconfident young most at risk

Tech-savvy twenty-somethings are more vulnerable to online fraud than the elderly because they are overconfident with technology, says a report by Policy Network.

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International - Economists call for overhaul of euro zone, creation of joint 'safe assets'

Leading economists from France and Germany on Wednesday weighed in on the politically heated debate about making the euro zone more resilient during any future crises by calling for new fiscal rules and the creation of a virtual euro-area “safe asset”.

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