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Autumn 2015 prescribed burning

The Autumn prescribed burning season has ended.  Above average rainfall has damped the ground fuel enough that prescribed burning is no longer achievable.

Some planned burns were not undertaken due to the small window of opporunity. The approximate statistics for land treated on public lands in Autumn are:

  • Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges - 46ha
  • Eyre Penninusula - 420ha
  • Kangaroo Island - 503ha
  • Northern and Yorke - 173ha
  • SA Murray Darling Basin - 1676ha
  • South East - 85ha

Photo above is a prescribed burn at Beliar Eastern Lodge undertaken on the 13 April 2015. The area had been previously prescribed burnt in Spring 2004. The area falls within a bushfire buffer zone‚Äč since it is close proximity to houses requiring protection from fire.

Fungi at Sampson Flat

Fungi play important roles in ecosystems including being food for animals, particularly invertebrates and small terrestrial macropods and also facilitate the production of hollows which are important for vertebrates.

The effects of fire on fungal species is complex, and less well understood than for plants. Some fungi are stimulated to reproduce after fire, while other varities of fungi have been found associated with different vegetation ages.

In soil from dry sclerophyll woodland in South Australia, fungal colony counts decreased immediately after fire, but were significantly higher 2 months after fire in burnt compared with unburnt soil and remained so for at least 7 months.

More fungi found in the Sampson Flat bushfire footprint

DEWNR Good Living blog

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The topics will cover DEWNR’s key priorities of River Murray, Climate Change, NRM/Agriculture, Water Allocation Planning, Marine Parks, National Parks and Prescribed Burning.

Bushfire myth

MYTH: I'll be fine; the bush is a few streets away.

FACT: Most houses are burnt in bushfire because of ember attacks. Embers can cause fire many kilometres in front of the main fire and can start falling up to an hour before the fire arrives at your home. People living in bushfire prones areas need to ensure that their homes are properly prepared to withstand ember attack.


Prescribed burns

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