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Nanofictionary is the game of telling tiny stories, and has been quite a story in itself! Its name was derived from Andy Looney's name for 55-word short stories: nanofiction. Originally published in 2002, Nanofictionary went into the Vault and then print-on-demand when we changed our packaging and Nanofictionary's cards were the wrong size for the box. With our new push into educational markets, this year is the perfect time to bring back a better-than-before, updated, and streamlined version of Nanofictionary in August!

The new and revised version of Nanofictionary features 4 types of cards: Character, Setting, Problem, and Resolution. Players collect these cards until they all can tell a story. Then each tells their story (think quick elevator pitch to a movie executive) and everyone votes on the best. It's a great way to get your creativity flowing and a wonderful party game (especially in parties with awesomely imaginative people).

Nanofictionary will be released on August 17. Please preorder Nanofictionary from your your local game store! They love it when you preorder games!

(Psst! Nanofictionary isn't the only game coming out soon. Fluxx turns 21 this month, and Fully Baked Ideas is releasing a special version - all grown up!)


Alison Frane has been part of Looney Labs almost since the beginning! An integral part of our success, Alison has done a little bit of everything over the years. Today, she focuses most of her time on customer service, but did you know that she has also been featured in a more visible way? Hopefully, since this feature is called "Artist Spotlight," you've guessed it! That's right: art!

Alison's artwork has shown up in a few of our games. Perhaps you remember the animals and fun things of Family Fluxx and/or EcoFluxx? Alison's art! Or maybe you've played Fluxx Español? Sí, el arte de Alison, también. Or maybe you know the menace and fear in Are You a Werewolf? Alison's art! In love with the gorgeous colors of Chrononauts? Alison did that, too! And the latest game to feature her art is Nanofictionary! See how we tied everything together?

Check out this video of our "team of Alisons" hard at work bringing Nanofictionary back. Click Here!

Get Alison's art into your home by buying our games from your local game store (and while you're there, preorder Nanofictionary, too)!

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Along with the Starship Captains group, fans have created a subgroup for the epic space battle game Homeworlds. If you’re interested in Homeworlds, please join!

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Galactic Con

Looney Labs will be hosting an all day game room at Galactic Con in Columbia Maryland! Stop by to hang out with Andy & Kristin, demo games, and check out what's new!

Galactic Con will have vendors specializing in comics, toys, books, and pop culture. Artists from Maryland and the surrounding areas will be on hand to display their work. Special costumed guests will also be present: the local chapter of the 501st (a volunteer group that portrays the Dark Side of the Star Wars Universe), the Rebel Alliance to balance the Force, the Finest G.I. Joe Cosplay group, and more.


Gen Con

Looney Labs will have a booth in the Exhibitor's Hall. A great time to get that coveted Andy Looney autograph or pick up one of our seven 2017 releases!

Gen Con is the original, longest-running, best-attended, gaming convention in the world! Featuring hundreds of game companies, award-winning authors and artists, costumed attendees, more than 15,000 events, a Family Fun Pavilion, and the debut of exciting new games!



Kristin and Andy will be running games and looking forward to talking to YOU in their own con-within-a-con space, the Looney Lounge!

Gamehole Con is the largest tabletop gaming convention in the upper Midwest. The convention features role-playing games, board games, fantasy and historical miniature gaming, and collectible card games. Gamehole Con is for the fantasy and adventure tabletop gaming enthusiast. Gamehole Con features the best guests in the industry, an unbelievable Dealer Hall and of course, lots and lots of gaming!

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Q: Blah blah blah, tell us a story.

A:  Today, we received the first box of actual copies of Nanofictionary from our printer. The cards look fantastic! Alison’s new illustrations are so sharp and delightful! The new packaging is perfect! I’m so pleased with it. Anyway, to answer the request, I dealt myself a few hands using the first deck, and came up with 3 little stories. I wrote down all three, and asked everyone in the office to vote. Our team liked this one best:

After a hard day of doing science, the team of expert scientists often went to the ice cream parlor to unwind. On the way, they found a stray little black cat who followed them in and listened to them with apparent fascination as they discussed sciencey things over hot fudge sundaes. Just then a burglar entered the ice cream parlor and attempted to steal all the ice cream! But the team of expert scientists intervened, arguing with forceful logic that the robber could never eat all that ice cream before it melted, couldn’t carry it all once, etc. Once the robber was befuddled by science, they tricked him into giving up his weapon, and he snuck out and went home. Upon seeing all of this, the little black cat, who was actually an alien disguised as a cat here to observe and judge humanity, decided that humans were basically ok and Earth was welcomed into the Galactic Federation.

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Dancing Bear Toys and Gifts opened on September 20, 2000, and they've been having fun ever since! Dancing Bear's mission is simple: Put some play in everyone’s day! They love to have fun, which is why their store is one of the happiest places in Frederick. Just try to visit the Bear without smiling. It can’t be done! They believe in the importance of play. Kids need it, adults need it, and everyone wins when you put some play in your day.

Dancing Bear Toys goes above and beyond for their customers. Got a special request? Let them know. Running late for a birthday party? Call ahead and they’ll wrap up a gift and meet you at the curb. Dancing Bear's primary focus in giving back is to support non-profits that help children in need.