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Recurrent Glioma – an agonizing choice of approach

A 48 year old man had been followed in our clinic for approximately 5 years. He had previously been treated at another institution after being diagnosed with a malignant glioma after suffering from seizures. After his initial presentation with seizures, he had surgical resection of a small tumour of the right frontal region, and then this was followed with radiotherapy and chemotherapy. He made a reasonable recovery from this.

On routine follow up MRI scans, a new enhancing area adjacent to the resection cavity was identified.

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Queensland specialists perform 1000th deep brain stimulation surgery

The magic of deep brain stimulation has yet to be lost on neurosurgeon Associate Professor Terry Coyne and neurologist Professor Peter Silburn, even after having performed a thousand of the delicate operations.

It’s the kind of moment that can never get old. Within the still focus of theatre, the surgery team watches as Associate Professor Coyne inserts a long, extremely thin electrode – around 2mm – into the patient’s brain. The effect is almost instantaneous. Tremors and tics that have plagued patients for years disappear in moments. The patients – who are awake during the surgery – see their lives literally change before their eyes.

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