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For those of you who missed it, we had a Kickstarter  going last month for four $20 games for the Looney Pyramids. It went really well, and we want to thank everyone who helped us get the word out and who backed the Kickstarter for their support. We closed with almost $75,000 and nearly 1500 backers 371% of our goal!

We also unlocked all the stretch goals, meaning that everyone who backed the Kickstarter will also get free copies of a Nomids description card, two silver Twin Win cards, two Opaque Red Twin Win Cards, and a 60-card box of Zendo
rule cards for pyramid play! Woo-hoo!  Wait 
 Opaque Red? Read all about this new pyramid color in our latest Kickstarter

If you missed the Kickstarter and wish you had had a chance to join in the fun, not to worry. We have just opened a late pledge option so that you can do just that! Head on over to our Kickstarter page and click the Late Pledge button to get your copy of Nomids, Ice Duo, Martian Chess, and/or Homeworlds! This option won't be available much longer, so please act quickly if you're interested!

We wanted to update you on Looney Labs' operations during the pandemic. Much of what has changed for us in this new world is the need to be much more digitally connected than we have been. Our six employees have been successfully working from home for the past 45 days, thanks to Skype, Zoom, and some creativity with make-shift at-home offices.

We plan to continue to work from home for the foreseeable future. Whenever things do start opening up again, we want to give the businesses that cannot so easily work from home a chance to open up first without further overwhelming our medical centers. But we are open for business!

We have had some significant supply chain issues, and although most of the stores who sell our games across the country are still closed, and our distributors are still only semi-operational, we are happy to report that we are able to ship games to whoever needs them! Our main fulfillment center has been declared essential since the beginning because they are also a courier service. Our printer, who stores most of our games, was initially not able to ship to replenish the fulfillment center, but now has limited shipping capabilities. Our fulfillment center says they have the bandwidth for any shipments we need, so we're ready to roll! If your local game store is able to do delivery, curbside pickup, or shipping, please support them. If not, we are fully stocked at store.looney.labs.com!

It's been a bit tricky for this tabletop game company to move out of the analog world, but we have been making progress. We have been testing out different online communication platforms such as Skype, Zoom, and Discord, and have successfully held staff meetings and game nights with all of the above. We have also dabbled in livestreaming with Facebook Live, Twitch, and YouTube. And we have begun to explore online gaming platforms such as Board Game Arena, Tabletopia, Steam's Tabletop Simulator, and others. Although we still have some learning to do, we are getting close to being able to integrate these various platforms in exciting ways. For one example, see the Ask Andy answer below!

In addition, don't forget that you can now play Fluxx on your phone. The basic Fluxx is available for free on iOS and Android, with in-app purchases if you'd like to add Creepers or play Zombie Fluxx. If you'd like to play with Andy or Kristin, their handles are "Andrew Looney" and "looneykristin." Just please make sure that if you challenge them, you make it a 21-day game with just two players, and you let them know who you are in the chat once the game starts.

Finally, this is by no means an exhaustive list, but as we've come across things that WE found useful or entertaining or inspiring, we've been adding them to this Google Doc. We will be adding more things as we come across them, so check back now and then for updates, and hopefully you will find something that makes your life a little better in some way. And don't forget to keep an eye on our social media channels... that remains the best way to stay up-to-date with all things Looney!

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While you’re barricaded in (i.e. sheltering in place) from the zombie apocalypse (i.e. global pandemic), why not keep your skills sharp with a game or two of Zombie Fluxx? Or if that’s not your style, we also have basic Fluxx, with or without Creepers. All of these titles are available as apps for both iOS and Android and include a text based chat interface so that you can play with your friends or make some new ones.

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Andy, Kristin, Alison, and Laurie will be in their tiny little booth having huge amounts of fun! Stop by to see our latest prototypes, demo or buy a game, get a hug or autograph, grab a promo card, or challenge Andy to a game of Homeworlds for the medal!

Gen Con is known as "the best four days in gaming," and with good reason! With over 500 exhibitors and 19,000 events, it's no wonder that over 60,000 people flock to this event to play and see their friends! There's nothing quite like it... one of those bucket list kind of events for gamers.


MARCH 19-21

MidSouthCon Rescheduled!

Though the 2020 MidSouthCon has been canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Kristin and Andy will be gaming guests of honor at MidSouthCon for the second time next year instead! They very much enjoyed the first time and plan to bring even more fun this time around! If you are planning to attend MidSouthCon, keep an eye on the schedule for planned events, panel discussions, and open gaming hours. The Looneys look forward to playing your favorite games with you, signing autographs, and showing off prototypes of upcoming games!

MidSouthCon is the longest-running annual
fan-run multi-genre Science Fiction Convention
in the Mid-South. It covers a diverse section of fannish culture that includes Science Fiction, Fantasy, Science, Comics, Horror, Education, Costuming, Anime, and Gaming. MidSouthCon has an average of 2200 attendees, including over 100 authors, editors, publishers, scientists, artists and other guests and panelists. It features more than 200 hours of programming, including panels, the annual Art and Charity Auctions, Masquerade costume contest, and more. There are also hundreds of hours of gaming running non-stop throughout the weekend.



BookCon Canceled!

Unfortunately, BookCon 2020 had to be canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic; we hope to see everyone again next year!

BookCon is the event where storytelling and pop culture collide. Experience the origin of the story
in its all forms by interacting with the authors, publishers, celebrities and creators of content
that influence everything we read, hear, and see. BookCon is an immersive experience that features interactive, forward thinking content including Q&As with the hottest talent, special screenings, autographing sessions, storytelling podcasts, literary quiz shows and so much more. BookCon
is the ultimate celebration of books, where your favorite stories come to life.

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Q: I really want to challenge you to Homeworlds (I want that medal!) but it’s difficult to get to the conventions you go to, and even those are all canceled now. Any chance we could play online, perhaps on SuperDuperGames.org?

A:  I used to play on SDG and it’s an excellent resource for playing the game remotely. However, I stopped using it after I began giving medals to those who beat me, for several reasons. One is that I’m too fussy about how I arrange the pieces on the board; I need to be able to move them around in ways the SDG interface can’t provide, otherwise I’ll make mistakes. Another reason is that I prefer for both players to be “in the moment” when a medal is on the line… the inherent delays in playing by email are another source of potential mistakes, since it can be difficult to remember what strategies you were in the middle of when hours or days go by between players’ turns. So while I’m a big supporter of SDG, I’ve retired from playing there.

On the other hand, it would be really nice if people could play against me online, particularly in these times of isolation, so I’ve been thinking about how to do that. We aren't ready quite yet, but soon I plan to accept one challenger per week to a livestreamed online game. My hope is that this game will be commentated in real-time by previous medal winners (of course my challenger and I would not be able to hear the commentary). 

I will accept challenges on a mostly first-come-first-served basis starting now. I will occasionally choose to let someone jump in line, such as a personal friend or someone I think fans would really like to see play. If you want your chance at the medal, please fill out this form. I'll have to mail out the medal any time someone beats me, which is never as fun as an in-person presentation, but I think it'll be OK. So, you tell me: would you tune in to watch me play Homeworlds against medal challengers?

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This group is a place for Looney Labs fans to chat (with each other and with Kristin and Andy) about anything and everything related to Looney Labs and the games they publish. Information and other resources about our Fan Club can also be found here!

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GAMA is the Game Manufacturer's Association. It is the game industry's main trade organization. GAMA has put together a country-wide listing of game stores, along with their status during COVID-19 lock-downs. You can search for stores in your area and get information about store hours (or if they are closed), their phone number, a link to their website, and whether they are offering delivery, curbside pickup, shipping, gift certificates, or other special programs. Please support your local stores if possible!

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