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Cologne, September, 2018

On Air, Issue 20: Safe operations of drones in Europe

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EASA takes on new responsibilities


The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) welcomes the adoption by the Council of the European Union of updated aviation safety rules for Europe which include a new mandate for EASA.

This new mandate consolidates EASA’s scope to cover the full spectrum of the aviation landscape and reinforces the European aviation system as a whole, with the possibility for EASA and European Member States to work closer together in a flexible way.

Patrick Ky, EASA Executive Director said: “In a sector facing unprecedented technological transformation, it was important to provide EASA with the proper tools and legal foundation to support the development of the aviation industry in particular in domains like drones and digitalisation. At the same time, we need to preserve the aspirations of the European society for a safe and environmentally friendly world.”

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RAI Amsterdam & EASA: Interview with Paul Riemens


Until 2016 you had a long career in the Air Traffic Control of the Netherlands, including 8 years as CEO whilst also being the Chairman of the Executive Board of CANSO, what is your current relationship with the aviation world?

Based on my prior experience, I have an understanding of air traffic regulations and the importance of the safety of air travel. I see that the global market for drones will grow immensely in the coming few year. And that this industry needs a good European framework to unlock endless future technologies and applications. I have mobilized my contacts in the aviation and aerospace sector, governmental bodies and educational institutions and especially my contacts with EASA. Together with them we want to build an international platform that connects the entire UAS ecosystem to unlock the potential of the new solutions the drone industry can bring to societies.

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Safe operations of drones in Europe


On 11 September 2018 the European Parliament adopted updated aviation safety rules for Europe including a new mandate for EASA that redefines the Agency’s competences. Regulation (EU) 2018/1139 empowers the Agency to propose to the European Commission the technical expertise to regulate drones of all sizes, including the small ones.

These first EU-wide regulations for civil drones are based on an innovative way of regulating, where the rules are kept as simple as possible with a strong focus on the particular risk of the operations: flying the same drone over a city centre or over the sea entails a completely different risk. It takes into account the expertise of many international players in the drone domain. They will allow remotely piloted aircraft to fly safely in European airspace and bring legal certainty for this rapidly expanding industry.

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EASA analysed 3774 comments received during the consultation period for EASA Opinion No 01/2018

news events

Latest News

19 September 2018: Sunny Swift: Wake vortex avoidance

17 September 2018: ICAO, European Union and South East Asia working together for cheaper, safer and more sustainable aviation

6 September 2018: Part-DTO is now published and in force!

31 August 2018: J-News, Issue 2

EASA welcomes new maintenance rules

17 August 2018: How did the major aviation domains perform? – EASA Annual Safety Review 2018 now available

10 August 2018: EASA engaged in a “responsible disclosure” of cybersecurity issues in coordination with operators and authorities

25 July 2018: EASA welcomes new rules on mental fitness of air crew



From the 26th – 30th of November 2018 Amsterdam will be the centre where the global UAS community meets. Launching the first Amsterdam Drone Week, this initiative is co-created by the European drone industry, with the aim of connecting science and regulatory bodies, corporates and start-ups.

As part of the Amsterdam Drone Week, the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) hosts their High Level Conference on Drones 2018 from the 27th – 28th November 2018 at RAI Amsterdam. Together with the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management EASA organizes this 2-day event for European drone experts, policy makers and leading companies in the drone industry. Themes that will be included are future applications, the development of U-space as well as regulation needs related to safety, security and privacy.

Find more details on www.conferenceondrones.com

Upcoming Events

11-12 October 2018: Data Science in Aviation 2018 Workshop & 2nd OPTICS2 Workshop on Data Science for Aviation Safety

15-16 October 2018: EASA – CAAS Additive Manufacturing Workshop in Singapore

16 October 2018: EHA Rotorcraft Seminar at RAI Amsterdam during HELITECH International, in Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

17 October 2018: ESPN-R Safety Workshop

30-31 October 2018: Product Certification & Design Organisation Approval Workshop 2018

29-31 October 2018: 2018 EASA-CAAC Aviation Safety Conference,  in Madrid (Spain)

6-7 November 2018: EASA Annual Safety Conference: "Promoting Safety together: a vision for the future of General Aviation" in Vienna (Austria)

14-15 November 2018: ESCP High Level Meeting on Cybersecurity in Civil Aviation, in Toulouse (France)

27-28 November 2018: High level Conference on Drones - at RAI Amsterdam Drone week, in Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

4-5 December 2018: 12th Rotorcraft Symposium


Details on these and other upcoming EASA News & Events are available on our website.


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