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Top 100 Golf Courses "BiteSize" - January 2016

Welcome to our first BiteSize update of 2016. This time we focus on numerous European country re-rankings, which are part of our biennial country-by-country review that will conclude next month with extended national rankings for France and Italy, along with an Alpine release for both Austria and Switzerland.

The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, the V4 Central European countries of the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia are all under the spotlight this month. We’ve also performed a comprehensive review across the five Nordic countries of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

Several other European countries, including Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Estonia, Greece, Luxembourg, Russia (which has two new entries, Skolkovo and Zavidovo), Slovenia (one new entry, Grad Otocec) and Turkey have also been reviewed. We’ve extended our Turkish ranking list from a Top 10 to a Top 15, which has resulted in Sueno (Dunes) making an appearance and a quartet of former Turkish gems receiving a ranking position: Robinson Noblis, Titanic (River & Mediterranean) – formerly TAT International – along with Kemer and Klassis, both of which are located near Istanbul.   

Finally, we’ve also released our first ever Second Hundred Golf Courses of England. We preview the challengers for the 2018 English Top 100 and take a look at the layouts that missed out in 2016.

Top 25 Golf Courses of The Netherlands 2016

We’ve been ranking Dutch courses biennially since 2008 and have gradually increased our coverage, adding an extra five courses in both the last edition of our chart and this one, so we now feature a total of twenty-five courses for The Netherlands. Climbing one place to #1 in our latest listings, the links layout at Koninklijke Haagsche is an old Harry Colt and CH Alison redesign from the late 1930s that was recently renovated by Frank Pont.

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Top 20 Golf Courses of Belgium 2016

Over the years we’ve worked closely with Belgian golf journalist Xavier Champagne who organises a biennial poll across nearly 300 correspondents throughout Belgium. We have never replicated Xavier’s rankings, but our 2016 Belgian numbers almost identically mirror Xavier’s list, with one significant difference. We have a contrasting Belgian No.1, due entirely to the fact that we defined our latest Continental European Top 100 independently.

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Top 50 Golf Courses of Germany 2016

While previously the focus was on cleaning up our slightly “historical” Top 30, we now found the time (and the courses) to expand. Despite a stagnating golf market and yet another failed Ryder Cup bid, the Germans still play the game. And they do so on more than 700 courses, many of which are quite good and relatively unknown.

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Revised rankings for the Visegrad (V4) Group 2016

We occasionally issue a news release relating to a consortium of nations and here we concentrate on the four Central European states that form the Visegrad Group (V4) of countries, namely Hungary, Slovakia, Poland and the Czech Republic. It’s a shame the global economic downturn has had such a drastic effect on golf development in Central Europe because the region had enjoyed real growth in the early years of the new millennium.

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Updated Nordic rankings 2016

It’s exactly two years since we last revised our rankings for Iceland, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden, so we’d now like to present the updated chart for each of the five nations, featuring 180 courses in total. This is 25 more than the number of layouts that appeared in our last editions as we’ve now extended our Finland rankings by five to create a new Top 30 and we’ve added ten new courses to both our Denmark and Norway listings.

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Second Hundred Golf Courses of England 2016

Having recently published the latest 2016 edition of our Top 100 for England, we thought we’d look into our golfing crystal ball to see if we could predict which English courses might make it into the top hundred next time around. This article focuses on twenty-five challengers, but it’s feasible that any of the hundred courses we’ve listed could make the next English Top 100 in 2018.

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