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Less than four months to go

Thank you for signing up to take part in New Zealand ShakeOut, our national earthquake drill at 9:15am, 15 October 2015.

We have four months to go until the drill, and you are one of over 300,000 people already signed up in New Zealand. We are on the way to our target of 1.5 million people.

Do you know the earthquake hazard risk in your region?

Ever wondered what the earthquake hazard risk is in your region?  Find out on the Why Participate page on the New Zealand ShakeOut website, which will connect you to information about your region's earthquake history, locations of major faults, and more.

A word of caution…not all regions are equal, and people move!  While the earthquake hazard varies from region to region, all of New Zealand is prone to earthquakes. New Zealanders are also very mobile. You could be anywhere when an earthquake strikes - at home, at work, at school or on holiday. Know what to do - Drop, Cover and Hold.

Have you started planning your drill?

Where will you hold your drill? Who will take part? What will you do before, during and after?
Here are some ideas from people who have signed up to take part in New Zealand ShakeOut 2015:

• A national insurance organisation is planning to have stands with information and photographs in their main offices, will instruct employees to do the drill and 9:15am, 15 October and to check their personal water supply while under their desks.

• A mental health organisation is planning to hold a workshop with their clients, checking their survival kits and plans, and talking about what to do in an emergency when the centre is not open.

• A North Island supermarket will be announcing the drill over their intercom to encourage staff, customers and sales representatives to take part in the drill

• A Waikato preschool is learning the Turtle Safe song so the children know the right action to take. They will also practise their tsunami plans and evacuate their centre to high ground after the earthquake drill.

• A Wellington medical centre will hold the drill, have information posted in the waiting room leading up to the drill, distribute information to staff prior to the event, reminding them to have a 'grab bag' at work and to review their plans to contact family members in an emergency. They will also check their emergency supplies, generator and fuel and review their business continuity plan.

Find out more ways to plan your drill in the How to Participate section of our website

Get prepared to 'Get Thru'

Visit www.getthru.govt.nz to find out how to:

• Find out more about the hazards in your area

• Create a household emergency plan

• Assemble or update your emergency survival items in case you have to shelter at home

• Assemble or update your getaway kit in case you have to leave in a hurry

• Identify safe places within your home, school or workplace

• Secure heavy items of furniture to the floor or wall. Visit www.eqc.govt.nz to find out how to quake-safe your home.

Share the ShakeOut

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If you have any questions please contact us at shakeout@dpmc.govt.nz