Edition 3
May 2019

The Spill

Congratulations to our ‘subscribe and win’

prize winners

Clark Lamprill
Paul Baily
Kathryn Montgomery

Our three winners were all thrilled (and a little shocked) to hear they had won such cool Tassie adventures. We hope they enjoy every moment and maybe share a photo or two with us.

Thanks again to Pumphouse Point, King River Rafting and Aardvark Adventures for their support.   

A big thank you to everyone who has signed up – we’ll have more competitions, stories, news and events in each edition, so keep reading...

Core blimey!

Geotechnical investigations is the technical term for poking around in the ground to find out more about the soil, sub-surface structure and the rock layers beneath.

And it’s ground breaking stuff… literally!


What can Sandra Bullock teach us about microgrids?

The Bass Strait islands are powered by world leading renewable microgrid technology. But just how do they work?

Like any good explanation, let's start with a film analogy...


QFES water exercise on the River Derwent

Why complete a water exercise in the balmy temperatures of Queensland, when you can experience the crisp 10.5 degree waters of Tasmania.

Supporting women in engineering

We're all up for increasing workplace diversity in the field of engineering and have made a commitment to this by sponsoring two scholarships.


Those eyes!

On the way to Tarraleah this week, two of our crew happened across this stunned Tawny Frogmouth in the middle of the road. He looked liked he may have been clipped by another vehicle.

Find out more...

There's no business like snow business!

Tasmania was hit by a very chilly cold front during the last week of Autumn, with snow covering much of the state.

With winter starting, remember to stay safe when travelling around our beautiful island.

Check out the coverage from our field crews this week.

Waddamana re-opens after the fires

The Waddamana Power Station Heritage Site has re-opened to the public, having survived Tasmania's relentless summer fires.

It is Hydro Tasmania’s first power station and the centrepiece of the Great Lake Power Scheme, which is entered on the Tasmanian Heritage Register.


How can Tasmania be the Battery of the Nation?

Tasmania is uniquely placed to help lead Australia through its challenging transition towards cleaner sources of energy. Battery of the Nation offers a future that’s clean, reliable and affordable - but how will it work?

Our CEO, Steve Davy, explains...



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