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Fall flowers

If you would like to add color to your yard this winter, we are now taking orders for flower beds.  We will order lots of pansies which can be accented in your bed with snapdragons, violas, cabbage, and kale.  You can ask for specific types and colors, or you can just give us a budget, minimum $225, and we will install a beautiful bed for you.  We include pick-up, delivery, and installation of the flowers along with fertilization, top soil, mushroom compost and a topping of either mulch or an organic compound to keep the moisture in.  Please contact us by Friday, October 9th so we can discuss designs and take orders.

We've been playing in the dirt again!

Check out some before and after pictures of a recent project in Dacula. We replaced a rotting wood retaining and broken patio with a beautiful new rock wall, stone patio, and sod. 





Light up your life

Free lighting demonstration at your home!

Not sure how your home will look with landscape lighting?  We will come and install a free lighting demo kit at your home. You can try it out for a few days and see what you think. Play with accents here, accents there, and warm vs. cool lights and see what feels best. You’ll never look back once you see the beauty of a well-lit home at night!

Drainage problems?

Realizing that the property where you live or work has a drainage problem is never good!  Drainage problems outdoors can create huge problems indoors when flooding, leakage, or run-offs occur.  ITM Landscape Management is experienced in assessing these drainage issues and recommending effective remedies.   Whether it is dry creek beds or French drains, plant material or concrete, ITM will create a solution to redirect water in the desired location.  We also stand by our work.  After completing your project, when it continues to rain, we will continue to tweak and solve the problem until it is fixed.

Refer a friend for lawn maintenance

Refer a friend for maintenance services and receive credit for a FREE visit on your next bill.